The Pryor Times

October 5, 2013

Pryor talks vice mayor, building inspector

Cydney Baron
Staff Reporter

PRYOR, OK — The federal government may be shut down, but Pryor city government is still hard at work. Pryor City Council kicked off its meeting Tuesday with the appointment of a vice mayor.

Within seconds of the topic being raised, a motion was made by council member Leonard Barnes to appoint council member Ronnie Sharp as the vice mayor. When it came to a vote, councilmen Travis Noland and Greg Rosamond were the only no votes. The motion passed and Ronnie Sharp was appointed vice mayor.  

Mayor Jimmy Tramel said the city always has a vice mayor who serves in the mayor’s absence.

Tramel said the vice mayor is not called upon often, but is appointed just in case. Vice mayor is not a paid position, Tramel said.

The other hot topic of the night was a petition from the audience about building inspections.

“The only problem I'm having is a time issue,” said Jim Armontrout. “I don’t have a problem  with Doug (Moore) I just have an issue with  inspections being done in a timely manner.”

Armontrout said that he was spoiled with the previous building inspector Walter Stout.

“We’d call Walter and he'd be there in 20 minutes,” said Armontrout. “Last week I filled out a couple permits. Doug didn’t say anything about when he'd be there. About an hour and a half later he showed up. We had a small problem.”

Armontrout said Moore left while they worked out the issue, then they had to wait for him to return.

“It was two-and-a-half hours of waiting by the time it was all said and done. I can’t bill my customers for that,” said Armontrout. “And it’s not the first time it’s happened.”

Armontrout said he understands that Moore is busy but thinks a little more communication could solve their issues.

Moore said he responds to calls as best he can but things often come up in between appointments that must be handled.

“Hopefully getting more organized will help. When Jim called me about the issue I came up here to talk to you, Doug. There was a temp answering phones and she had no idea where you were. Maybe this is something that can be worked out,” said council member Drew Stott.

Moore said that he hopes hiring a clerk can get him more organized as the will be able to schedule his time more efficiently and communicate with contractors.

Armontrout said he tried calling Moore but did not get a response. He then left a voicemail, sent a text and an e-mail all with no response.

“Walter had us spoiled. I know things have changed. I’d just like a call back so we don’t have to sit and twiddle our thumbs,” said Armontrout.

Armontrout said he simply would like to be communicated a time frame so he would know whether to wait or move on to the next project.

Moore said it is an issue that is being worked out.