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February 5, 2014

NTC students get real-life instruction

PRYOR, OK — This is what real learning looks like.

Northeastern Technology Center welcomed area reporters to media day at the Pryor campus Thursday.

Student advisors, public relations officials and instructors were on hand to explain the beauty of an NTC education.

Keith Glenn is an instructor in the electrical program.

“I'm straight from the industry,” said Glenn, who enjoys the hands-on approach to his curriculum that covers residential, commercial and industrial electrical work. “We're even able to work with the maintenance department pretty well so students can do electrical projects here on campus.

“I really love teaching here, this is the best job I've ever had,” said Tim Palmer, carpentry instructor. “I've been I've been in carpentry for 15 years.”

Palmer said he is proud of the fact that instructors at NTC have worked in the field they are teaching.

“So teachers know what it takes to get students jobs. We know what the boss wants and the students trust us,” said Palmer.

Teachers have a knowledge of industry standards and are able to teach to a career-ready level.

“When I'm teaching these students, yes I'm teaching them carpentry, but I'm also teaching them geometry, how to read a tape measure, practical math skills,” said Palmer.

Debby Peaster, campus director, said the school is looking forward to expanding the construction facility to allow for new equipment.

“Used to, the students built a house here on campus that was later auctioned off. But some requirements changed and it was costing the people that purchased it a lot to move it off campus,” said Peaster.

“So, NTC purchased two lots in a housing addition across the highway. Students will build houses on-site.”

Students are able to experience the job in a true-to-life environment. Teachers at NTC practice the adage of “don't tell them, show them.”

“They are then able to work alongside students doing electrical work, they learn to communicate with them just like they would on a regular job site,” said Palmer.

In regard to Pryor’s MidAmerica Industrial Park 2014 initiative partnering businesses with schools, NTC is on board.

“We are at the table on those discussions. Any additional opportunities for our students are worth looking into,” said Peaster. “Our students already experience job-site training that is similar to the internships that would be offered in that program, but there is no such thing as too many learning opportunities.

“I couldn't be prouder of NTC.”

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