The Pryor Times

January 25, 2014

Man threatens to kill deputies

Cydney Baron
Staff Reporter

PRYOR, OK — A Chouteau man was arrested for threatening to kill Mayes County Sheriff's deputies.

Harry Pate, 35, appeared in Mayes County District Court Tuesday with charges of threatening to perform an act of violence, domestic assault and battery and malicious injury to property.

Information filed in the case describes Pate as “holding a firearm and threatening to shoot deputies and stating he was going to kill them.”

It all began Jan. 9 when Pate's girlfriend called the Mayes County Sheriff's Office to report he had been “dealing with some mental issues and she believed he was possibly suicidal and may shoot at anyone that approached him.”

The girlfriend stated in the report he was last seen roaming around the woods with a loaded gun.

Per a court order, Pate's son had been removed from his custody earlier in the week. Deputies responded to the area, but once they were gone, Pate became upset.

“After the deputy left, Pate demanded his girlfriend take him to get some pills, but she refused,” the report states. “This angered him even more, at which point he threatened to choke the life out of her.”

He then began making threats to kill Mayes County cops.

“He told his girlfriend the deputy at his house did not know how endangered his life was and had it not been for his son's presence he would have beat the cop and broke his neck,” the report states. Several hours later when Pate calmed down he allegedly wanted to call the deputy and apologize for his behavior.

The following day Pate, who was intoxicated, allegedly woke his girlfriend up around noon, demanding she take him to purchase more pills.

“He became extremely upset when she refused to let him use his mother's debit card to buy pills,” the report states. “As they were driving down the road he started jerking on the steering wheel which caused her to run off the roadway.”

The report describes Pate grabbing her by the hair, breaking the door handle and kicking the windshield causing it to shatter.

“When they arrived back home he started making threats of beating her and killing everyone involved in taking his son, he then made her leave the residence for several hours,” the report states. “When she got back home he had a loaded shotgun leaned beside his bed with shells laying in a row on the floor.”

When the girlfriend asked what they were for Pate allegedly told her, “let someone try and taking something else of mine. I'll blow their heads off.”

Another witness listed in the report stated she believed, “Pate would not intentionally hurt himself, but would put someone else in the position of doing that for him.”

In court, before Judge Rebecca Gore, Pate had his case continued to Feb. 27. Per the state's recommendation he was released on his own recognizance as long as he return to the Veterans Hospital in Muskogee where he was reportedly receiving treatment for post traumatic stress disorder.