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May 31, 2014

Pryor misses chance for Exascale Power

PRYOR, OK — MidAmerica Industrial Park narrowly missed the opportunity to be home to Exascale Power.

“We signed a contract with Oklahoma Ordnance Works Authority, or MidAmerica Industrial Park, 41 days ago. The condition was that it would be funded within 90 days,” said Exascale Power owner, John Fitzpatrick. “I asked for a 30 day extension because of a pending deal with Intel,  which was granted.”

Fitzpatrick said the deal with Intel fell through, then IBM turned down a deal as well.

“I presented the project to HP and they said yes, but with a few modifications. So I asked OOWA for 30 days to allow HP time and was told that the board denied my request,” said FItzpatrick, who said his contract ended on May 27.

“Your request for a second 30-day extension was not granted by the Trustees, and therefore your contract with the OOWA for the purchase of the 630-acre site has now expired,” Ted Allisson, MAIP’s director of economic development  allegedly wrote in an email to Fitzpatrick.

“If and when your business plan is finalized, we are ready to assist in moving this project forward, but at that point we will need to communicate confidentially with your selected operator and be able to verify full funding as part of our due diligence.”

Thursday morning, Fitzpatrick got the news the project could find a home further up the highway, in Joplin.

“My pastor, who lives in Joplin, was able to pull together their chamber of commerce, mayor and some other individuals for a conference call and they said they are very interested, they want the 2,000 jobs. They also said they can pool the power,” said Fitzpatrick, who added that his repeated communications with OOWA, including notice of his new plans, have gone without response.

Fitzpatrick said he’s disappointed not to be setting up shop in Pryor, as millions of dollars have been spent prospecting the project he thought was a sure thing.

“I’m sad they’ve come to this decision because of one 30-day extension request. Because of the article in The Times I have several people a day contacting me looking for a job, so it saddens me a great deal to have to call them all back and tell we’re going to be in Joplin,” said Fitzpatrick. “I hope the community of Pryor understands this wasn’t my decision.”

“The terms of the original contract were not met and the terms of the extension were not met,” said David Stewart. “The contract has expired but Mr. Fitzpatrick knows the property is still available.

Stewart said when Intel was not longer an integral player, OOWA elected to let the contract expire. He added that “substantial effort” was put into the project.

Fitzpatrick said local individuals are still encouraged to apply for jobs, if they’re willing to commute to Joplin.

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