May 24, 2014

Chief of police resigns

May 24, 2014 Times Correspondent Diana Dickinson

PRYOR, OK — SALINA — After 28 years of law enforcement and the search for better opportunities, Chief Vince Stoyanoski has resigned as Salina’s Chief of Police.  

“It [the job] certainly was hard to pass up. I have to think of my family and what is ahead of us. Everybody has reservations when leaving a great job. Looking back on everything, it has been very positive. I have no regrets working here for the town. There will always be things that you like better but if the budget is not there, it just is not there. At least we have the basics to do our job.  

“It may not be right off of the assembly line or the ‘new kid on the block’ stuff, but we have what we need to do our job safely,” said Stoyanoski.

He has been the chief of police since July of 2011.  For the betterment of his family and retirement purposes he chose to accept a job with a private company that can offer future financial security.  

“My decision has nothing to do with the town. I am leaving on a high note. Our crew has really cleaned up the town in regard to drugs and I am very proud of them. They did this fine job. I enjoyed modernizing, getting better technology, getting better policies in place, getting better training for the guys, body cameras and other items we needed.  

“The modernization was bringing the department up to current standards. The guys had specialized training so we did not have to call on others to come help. I could not ask for better guys to work with,” Stoyanoski said.

He said a community makes the police department, not just the officers. “Without the community’s support, we would not be the way we are. I hope the community continues their support for the department.”

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