The Pryor Times

December 6, 2012

Water line near completion

Managing Editor
Kathy Parker

ADAIR — “The contractors are on site and the pipe is laid out,” Adair Water Superintendent Scott Martin told Adair Trustees Monday.

The east water line to connect the town to Rural Water District 6 is in the last phase of development.

Contractors expected to be finished by Christmas, Martin said, put there was a delay getting 12-inch pipe.

There are three houses to connect to the new line. “They will put in the three services first,” Martin said. “I’m assuming they’re going to start digging tomorrow. The 12-inch pipe gets here Dec. 16.” Martin said he expects the line to be complete shortly after the new year holiday.

Once this line is in, the town can be connected to the rural water system. This may be just in the nick of time. The old water plant has been operating on borrowed time.

“The Rock Creek pump is down,” Martin said. “So there’s no water coming in (to the plant). It won’t reset and it won’t kick the breaker off. It’s only three years old, so I can’t imagine it’s done. The ponds are full and the contractors are on site, so we could probably be OK. We could probably ride it out for a couple of months. Hopefully, the water line will be in by then.”

“I’d say check it out and see what’s wrong with it,” Trustee Craig Cooper said.

Martin will have a diagnostic run on the pump, and if the problem is simple and not costly, it will be repaired.

The monthly water  recap was good, with loss only at 5 percent.

“We did real good last month,” Martin said. “We did good on the water loss and only had one big leak.”

The plant produced 1,811,000 gallons of water in November and billed 1,714,178 gallons.

Martin and water clerk Melissa Crawford visited Water District 5 in Rogers County to see and discuss an electronic-read water meter system.

“They have 500 in the ground. He’s got nothing bad to say about any of it,” Martin said.

Crawford said the system is the same software already in place at Adair. The clerk said revenue has increased one third because of the accuracy of a new system.

Meters have antennas inside the cans and are read from a laptop inside the truck. Martin said meters only have to be “close” to the computer to read.

Trustees voted to purchase the initial water meter package from Water Products, which includes 120 meters and all the equipment to read them for $33,500. Adair needs 325 meters, but the additional meters will be much less expensive.

Bids on the west side water line project, to replace pipe in town, will be opened this week. Trustees will call a special meeting to accept a bid.