The Pryor Times

November 27, 2012

Black Friday ‘mixed bag’ for local merchants

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

PRYOR — Local businesses say this weekend’s shopping was a mixed bag.

With big name businesses choosing to open their doors on Thanksgiving, retail owners were unsure what that would mean for Black Friday turnout. In addition to extending the shopping weekend to Thanksgiving Day, now called Gray Thursday, Shop Local Saturday has been added. The success of the weekend for Pryor merchants was divided, with predominately positive results.

One of Pryor’s newest stores, Rhinestones and Ruffles, reported on its first Thanksgiving weekend.

“Friday was pretty great, especially the morning. I probably didn’t need to stay open later than normal, but we did good numbers. Saturday was just average and I would never open on Thanksgiving day, that’s family time,” said Jen Burscough, owner. “ I didn’t know what to expect since it was my first year. I can’t complain. Pryor has been good to me.”

Main street merchants, Madalan’s Hallmark and Ivan’s Jewelry, reported a successful weekend.

“We didn’t do well on Friday. We did much better on Saturday,” said Carol Nash of Madalan’s. “Next year, we will promote Shop Local Saturday more.”

Nash said she considers the weekend a success overall, as the store turned about the same profit as last year.

The Flower Shop, recent National Small Business Award winner, chose to avoid the Black Friday chaos completely and open for Shop Local Saturday.

“I have two small children, so I enjoy my family time. Plus, most shoppers were headed to Tulsa for Black Friday,” said Calle Schmidt,  “We had an open house on Saturday and it was a huge success.”

Schmidt said that Shop Local Saturday started in 2010, but this was the first year she heard about it.

Radio Shack and Orscheln’s reported success, too. Radio Shack of Pryor said the store had an average weekend and didn’t expect much on Saturday because of Bedlam.

“We were open on Thanksgiving for the first time this year and did much better than expected, our store and the entire company,” said Amber Helmuth, Assistant Manager of Orscheln’s. “Friday and Saturday were both pretty good. It was a great weekend overall. The company will probably open on Thanksgiving again next year.”

Nanette Callison, of Ivan’s Jewelry, reported a sucessful weekend.

“Friday was absolutely wonderful. We had lots of people coming to purchase and do layaways for Christmas. It was a great day for us,” Callison said. “Saturday we didn’t do great. We had some activity but mostly it was people coming in to sell. The weekend as a whole was great, though.”