The Pryor Times

November 24, 2012

Bridge construction moves forward in Adair Oklahoma

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

ADAIR — The Board of County Commissioners met Monday to discuss the Rock Creek bridge. The bridge is located three miles north of Adair, east of 370 Road.

The proposal was to move the Rock Creek Bridge project up from the proposed 2016 to 2013. The commissioners originally planned to complete the bridge in 2016, which is when they thought funding would be available.

“We’ve received $1 million from Cherokee Nation already and another $700,000 from  Civil Engineering. The project is already fully funded,” said District 1 Commissioner Alva Martin.

The project will be up for bid in March. The board approved these changes.

Also on the agenda was choosing a Drug Testing Service. Martin suggested using Immediate Care from Claremore.

“If there are three or more people to test at once, there will be no charge. If it is one at a time then we have to pay,” said Martin.

These services will be performed in Pryor, rather than making the individuals drive to the facility. The company has the software to randomly select individuals to be tested and results are stored.

The board approved the motion to deposit $200 to the T-County Highway account.

The board discussed the request for state auditors to require fire departments to be in compliance with state law as nonprofit entities.

“I talked to the auditor last week in Oklahoma City. He suggested we audit all fire departments to make sure they are in compliance. The state auditors office will check each department’s status for us,” said District 2 Commissioner Darrell Yoder. The motion was approved.

Another agenda item concerned the proposed action requiring full audits on Diamond  Head, Strang, and Osage Fire Departments. Martin requested that no files be destroyed before the audits. Each fire department will pay for the audit using funds received from sales tax.

“We’ve had some discussions about this before. At this time, I motion to move ahead to audit these departments,” said Yoder.

The motion was approved.

The board appointed Chrissy Rumsey as receiving officer for  monthly utilities, payments and Services.  The commissioners wanted someone from inside the clerk’s office to handle these bills so the action is handled in-house.

The Road Maintenance Agreement and the Circuit Engineering District Auction Policies were approved. The latter stated that if something is put up for auction and then removed, a penalty will be charged.

The request for blank purchase orders was approved.