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July 10, 2014

Clean up your own back yard

Pryor Times — Adair cracks down on trash dumping

Adair is cracking town on trash and property clean up.

The city dumpster behind the fire station is available for residents to dump household trash. Only citizens who pay a utility bill in the town of Adair may use this service.

Recently, others have been filling the dumpster to the brim not only with household trash, but with other items such as tires which are not supposed to be disposed of in any dumpster.

City employees have seen some of these dumpers and from now on, the violators will be ticketed.

Chancing a ticket will be an expensive proposition. The fine is $794. If non-town residents are seen at the dumpster, a police officer will be called immediately to issue a ticket.

A tornado touched down in Adair on June 29. The old general store on Main Street, already in disrepair, lost its roof.

Chris Clements of Irving, Texas owns the old store, and clean up letters for the property have been sent to him beginning in 2007. Trustees voted to send a new letter outlining the tornado damage, but since the letters have gotten little response in the past, town attorney Cherie Meislahn will research the procedure for condemnation.

In the same storm, both doors were blown off the fire station. Town Clerk Jeanie Gingrich has an estimate for $4,375 from Overhead Door, but she said the insurance adjuster believes the openers will no longer function, so the bid must be figured to include the openers. The insurance policy has a $2,500 deductible.

“These doors are insulated, have windows and are rated at 80 mile per hour winds,” Trustee and Fire Chief Craig Cooper said.

“Your paper wanted to know what we were going to use our Cherokee Nation grant for,” Cooper said, “well now it’s for doors.”

Tornado organic matter - trees and limbs - may be taken to Pryor Recycling for $5 per load. Mayor Steve Hall said he will check into the county chipping that debris. Cooper suggested making a large brush pile and the fire department will burn the debris.

Trustees were shown pictures of a trailer house at 102 N. Hall St.

“That’s the trailers behind my house,” Water Clerk Melissa Heflin said.

“The weeds in the back are head-high. There’s a mattress back there. They haven’t had water for two months,” Heflin said. “They could at least put a door on it.”

The property belongs to David Gann. Water Superintendent Scott Martin said the owners of the trailer say they can’t move or do anything with it since there is a lien against it. Meislahn will send Gann a clean up letter.

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