The Pryor Times

July 18, 2013

Pryor man charged with sex crimes 10 years later

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

— Tyler Langston, 25, is charged with forcible sodomy and lewd molestation. He is being classified as a youthful offender, however, because he was 15 years old at the time of the alleged incident.

Court records state that in the fall of 2003 Langston forced an eight-year-old girl to perform oral sex by threatening her with a knife. At that time, records state he intentionally looked upon/touched the body or private parts of said eight-year-old girl in a lewd and lascivious manner by force and against her will.

The girl, now a teenager, recently told her parents about incident, which prompted an investigation by Pryor Police Department.

In an interview with the police department, the girl described an incident that began with tickling during which she remembers being touched inappropriately. She then states Langston drug her to his room and forced her to perform oral sex, while holding a pocket knife on her. In the interview the girl states that she remembered thinking she was going to die. The interview concludes with the girl's statement that Langston said if she told anybody he would hurt her and her family.

Langston was interviewed by the Pryor Police Department. In the course of the interview, Langston said he did not remember anything and that nothing ever happened. Moments later he said he did remember tickling her and he did remember the incident they were talking about. He then stated that he never touched her inappropriately, but if he did it was not with sexual intentions. He said he stopped in ninth grade because he knew it was wrong. Langston stated there was only one time with the alleged victim, but he never told her not to tell anyone.

In the course of the investigation the officers located pornography on Langston’s phone and computer. Langston said that his pornography preference is predominately animated or pornography featuring “younger girls.”

When the officer reminded Langston that he was speaking with them of his own free will he said there was a good possibility he needs help.

According to the interview transcript, Langston revealed that he inappropriately touched another girl on multiple occasions. That individual has not come forward.

Langston's initial appearance in Mayes County District Court was before Judge Rebecca Gore June 14. He case was set on the preliminary hearing sounding docket July 11 and his bond was set at $45,000. A special condition of bond was that he have absolutely no contact with the alleged victim. The defendant posted bond and was released June 24. On his July 11 court date, his case was continued until Aug. 29.

Typically, a youthful offender would be sentenced to a treatment plan under the supervision of the Oklahoma Juvenile Association, but Langston is older than the cut-off age. The court anticipates requesting an adult sentence which could be anywhere from a two-year sentence to a life sentence. Probation is a possible sentence as well. After sentencing, Langston would be required to register as a sex offender.