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December 13, 2013

Police investigation leads to juveniles

PRYOR, OK — An investigation into a Locust Grove home burglary led law enforcement to additional crimes allegedly committed by three local juveniles.

Police Chief Wade Henderson said he received a report on Dec. 2 from Jeremy Baker that his home, located on Sycamore Street, had been burglarized and vandalized.

The house was empty at the time and was in the process of being purchased when the crime occurred.

“I responded to the residence and upon making entry, I immediately noticed broken glass by the sliding glass back door where it appeared forced entry had been made,” Henderson said.

In his search of the home, Henderson discovered empty cases of beer and numerous empty cans throughout the house. Several brands of cigars as well as the packaging were also discovered.

An empty box for  a deadbolt lock was found and further investigation showed the existing deadbolt had been removed and the new one installed. An empty box which once held a pocket knife was discovered in the master bathroom.

“There was significant drywall damage to the home. Holes were punched in walls and doors and it appeared the perpetrators threw themselves into walls, creating extensive damage,” Henderson said.

Henderson suspected the items which had been carried into the home were stolen.

During the investigation, he discovered the deadbolt was likely from Family Dollar store. The beer and cigars were from Kum & Go convenience store.

“The homeowner told me he’d last checked the house on Nov. 20, so using that date, Kum & Go began reviewing security footage,” Henderson said.

Footage was discovered of three juveniles stealing beer, cigars and other items on Nov. 22, around 8:50 p.m.

“Positive identifications were made of the juveniles, ages 14 to 16,” Henderson said. “I contacted the parents of the three and they were brought in for questioning.”

All three confessed to the crimes.

“At this point, the information will be sent to Juvenile Services with copies to the District Attorney,” Henderson said.

All three are charged with second degree burglary and vandalism. There will likely be future charges for the thefts at Family Dollar and Kum & Go.

Law enforcement said two of the boys have no prior offenses, but the third juvenile is no stranger to law enforcement.

Henderson said video surveillance at Kum & Go showed that one boy caused a distraction, one served as a lookout and one got the stolen merchandise out the door.

The boys allegedly took two 30-packs of Keystone Light beer, six pouches of Red Man chewing tobacco, a pocket knife, a 4-pack of Monster energy drinks, candy, gum and several boxes and packages of cigars.

According to Henderson, the store has indicated it wants charges brought on all  three boys.


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