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June 19, 2014

Full nude bar a county possibility

PRYOR, OK — The possibility of a strip club has tempers flaring in Inola.

Rumors have surfaced regarding the construction of a fully-nude strip club in Inola on the Mayes County side of the Mayes and Rogers County border.

Construction is underway on the property just east of Stone Creek Store, though no official declaration of intent has been made. The establishment would be in the incorporated limits of Inola, a small town known for being the Hay Capital of the World, on Highway 412.

Dozens are flocking to Facebook urging their elected officials to remedy the situation.

“I have been hearing rumors of a strip club, but cannot confirm at this time,” said District Two Commissioner Darrell Yoder. “But I am actively pursuing the situation and looking into any relevant state law.”

Yoder said he hears the community and their shouts of protest. The county has no planning or zoning restriction that would prevent the establishment, only adherence to the state laws. He has spent time on the construction site attempting to gain more information.

“According to public records of property transfers, the property owner could be Hai Ying from Joplin, Missouri,” said Yoder.

The Times attempted to contact Ying with no success.

“That particular community is traditional and religious, they won't go for that,” said Yoder.

When asked how he thinks the Amish community of Chouteau will respond to having a fully-nude strip club so near, Yoder said, “oh gracious, I’m not sure Mr. Ying knows what he’s in for.”

On Facebook, Inola Mayor Cheryl Charles has said “I have it from a very reliable source that it is going to be a totally nude dance club. No alcohol, so they can go fully nude.”

No alcohol means no liquor license, which could have confirmed the rumors.

She later posts a promise to the community; “I can promise you that it would not happen in our town. I am pretty positive that it would not happen in our county.”

The speculation began, according to Charles, when a local builder was contacted about working on the project. The builder declined the offer and the rumors began.

Mirroring the opinions of her constituents, Charles is calling for action.

“As the Inola mayor,  or any council person, it is important to pay attention to what goes on near our fence line,” said Charles. “The Town of Inola has our town limits and then we have a fence line. Our fence line goes east to the county line, west to the river, south to the county line and north to about the Ingersol Ranch. This fence line is the area that Inola can grow in to.”

The corners on the west side of Highway 412 and the county line are important to how the distant future may look for Inola, said Charles.

“At this time it is only in our fence line. What is built on the east side of that intersection will someday directly influence the west side of it,” said Charles. “As soon as I heard about the proposed business, I contacted Mayes County. There is nothing that Inola can do about it. There is nothing that Rogers County can do about it. Only local residents can contact State Reps and Senators.”

Mayes County Sheriff's Investigator Jason Treat said this type of establishment often causes problems.

“Right now there is no law that I know of preventing it. However institutions like that tend to bring in an undesirable crowd. They also often become a hub to sell illegal drugs and promote drug trafficking,” said Treat, who said the establishment would be under Mayes County Sheriff’s Office jurisdiction.

If completed, the establishment would be Mayes County's first strip club.

The closest thing the county has seen, according to local historian Terry Lamar, was a massage parlor in Mazie in the late 1980s that was constantly under scrutiny for suspicious goings-on.


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