The Pryor Times

July 6, 2013

Body count rises to four

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

— A fisherman on Saline Creek called 911 to report a dead body Thursday at 1:26 p.m.

Mayes County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene to retrieve the body, which they said was partially submurged.

While no identifying factors have been confirmed by the medical examiner, authorities believe the deceased is a middle-aged female. The deceased was wearing a T-shirt and shorts.

Sheriff’s investigators said that in being prudent assistance was requested from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Due to the level of decomposition, an OSBI forensic specialist will assist in the investigation.

Authorities say they believe the body had been in the creek at least two days before discovery.

The body was turned over to the medical examiner to determine identity and cause of death.

This is the fourth body to be found in the area in recent weeks. Authorities have not released any new information on the previous three.

The first, a man believed to be Roy Joice of Locust Grove, was found on Earbob Road. He was described as a white male around 60 years old.

Two weeks later, the body of a white male around 60-years of age was found in Big Cabin Creek. These two incidents were called in by fishermen who found the bodies.

Only days after the second body was found, a third was discovered at Low Water Dam in Locust Grove. That body was said to be in his mid-50’s and was also a white male.