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May 5, 2012

Drew Cummings named Outstanding History Teacher

Drew Cummings of Adair High School has been named Outstanding History Teacher for 2012 by Union Mission Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. He will be recognized May 3 at the group’s annual award luncheon in Pryor.

One of DAR’s primary objectives is the promotion of patriotic education,” said Union Mission Regent Flinn Cremin of Locust Grove. “Recognizing outstanding history teachers is one way we accomplish this goal and we believe Mr. Cummings is a perfect example. Our members overheard some of his students commenting on how much they have enjoyed learning about history in his class, so we asked them to elaborate. Here are a few of their responses.”

“I like Mr. Cummings’s classroom more than others because he breaks down what he teaches. Sometimes when you’re more interested in other areas he goes into more detail. Mr. Cummings is funny and has open class discussions and debates. Mr. Cummings is a friend and role model to me,” said Cody Maxwell

Kelsey Winnie commented, “I think Mr. Cummings is different because he has a good personality and a sense of humor. He also takes an interest in what we want to learn about his subject.”

“Mr. Cummings takes great care to research the events we learn about in American History. He creates his own lesson plans apart from the textbook in order to make the lesson more easily understood by us as students. During his planning period he researches the history that he loves so much. His subject is clearly one of his personal interests and he reflects that in his teaching,” Shannon Parker said.

We think this speaks volumes about Mr. Cummings and his teaching,” Cremin added.

A recent visit to Cummings’ classroom clearly demonstrated this teacher’s desire to stimulate interest in learning. Walls are covered with colorful posters and inviting displays related to American history. Shelves hold a wide variety of reading material including American History, Civics, Economics, Psychology, and Teaching the Constitution.

A Claremore native, Cummings is a 2008 graduate of Tahlequah’s Northeastern State University. He decided early on to become a teacher. “I’ve always loved history,” he said, “but it was a math teacher, Mr. Busby, who turned me on to teaching.”

After graduation and a year’s intern teaching in the Claremore school system Cummings spent a year searching for a teaching position and working as a carpenter. He began his career at Adair’s Middle School in 2010 then last year moved up to the High School.

He uses what he calls a “student-driven” method in his teaching. “I introduce the subject and let the students discuss it, tell the class what they think and get them to asking questions.”

“I am incredibly honored by this award,” Cummings said. “Teaching has been fun for me.”

Cremin said Cummings’ name will be entered in the Oklahoma NSDAR Outstanding History Teacher competition.

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