The Pryor Times

May 30, 2013

Salina selects new mayor

Staff Writer
Susan Wagoner

— The Town of Salina has a new mayor after the Board of Trustees appointed Michael O’Rourke to fill the spot. Dennis Weston was appointed vice mayor. Morton Gann, Jim Hoag and newcomer Josh Stevenson complete the board.

O’Rourke replaced longtime mayor Darrell Blaylock, who lost his recent re-election bid to the board.

Trustees voted to allow Library Director Lou Ella Martin to close the library on Saturdays until further notice. The action came at Martin’s recommendation, who stated there isn’t enough business to merit staying open. Wi-Fi will remain online to allow remote access.

Also approved was the renewal of the contract for cemetery mowing. Brad Reed will mow the cemetery at a cost of $450 each time.

Trustees discussed resurfacing the roads at Ross Mayes Cemetery, but took no action. However, they did instruct PWA Supervisor Randall Coons to check on the cost of resurfacing the roads with oil and chip.

June 2013 was declared as Shop Salina Month after trustees approved the resolution.

In other business, Police Chief Vince Stoyanoski was given the approval to purchase a new computer tower from Staples at a cost of $479. The money will be taken from the donations account.

After an executive session, trustees voted to terminate the employment of Police Officer Joshua Davis “for the good of service.”

They also voted to appoint Reserve Officer Chuck Williams as the animal control officer for the town, a position previously filled by Davis.

Trustees reviewed a pending civil rights lawsuit brought against the town by Sofia Carnes during executive session.

According to City Clerk P.J. Pape, the lawsuit stems from an incident where Animal Control Officer Joshua Davis was attempting to pick up dogs owned by Carnes.

Carnes allegedly became combative. Davis was joined by Stoyanoski and Officer Dale Tillotson and ultimately Carnes was arrested.

The lawsuit claims that Carnes’ civil rights were violated.

Finally, O’Rourke had a word for former mayor Blaylock.

O’Rourke said he’s learning first-hand how much work goes into being mayor.

“Darrell went above and beyond for this community for a lot of years,” O’Rourke said. “I want to express my extreme appreciation for all that he’s done for this town.”

Blaylock served as mayor for more than 11 years and served as trustee for several years prior to being appointed mayor.