The Pryor Times

May 4, 2014

Annexation would generate revenue

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

PRYOR, OK — Annexation of Highway 69 hotels could mean big money for the town of Chouteau.

“I don't want it, I've got some board members that want to do it,” said Chouteau Mayor Jerry Floyd. “We can't legally do it unless the hotels approach us and ask us to. I'm not sure we'll even pursue it.”

The property is one mile north of the Chouteau city limits line and was actually de-annexed in 1999, according to Floyd.

“It'd be extra money for the town, which we need, but we just gotta be able to do it,” said Floyd.

Floyd said he does not believe the hotels are interested in being annexed into the town limits. Floyd did say he thinks it's “disgusting” that the town does not get any revenue from the power plant.

Floyd had requested that MidAmerica Industrial Park General Manager Larry Williams attend a Chouteau City Council meeting to discuss the issue.

“As a state beneficiary industrial trust OOWA (Oklahoma Ordnance Works Authority) has no ordinances, zoning or building permit processes for a company to locate in the MidAmerica Industrial Park. The area in question has already been fully developed out with streets, water, natural gas and electric service.,” said Williams who was unable to attend the meeting.

“I believe any new growth to the area is a plus for Chouteau,” said Chouteau Chamber of Commerce president Nita Morris.

Floyd said he's going to try to get new businesses to create revenue for the next fiscal year.

“I'm working on getting new businesses in here, but I don't know that I'll get any,” said Floyd, who has stated in multiple council meetings that he is unsure how the town will keep its head above water in the 2014-2015 fiscal year.

He said the town desperately needs sales tax revenue.

“Really the superintendent and the chiefs create our budget. But we do have a budget committee that gets the budget together and has it to us for approval by July 1,” said Floyd.

Other towns have budget committees that monitor the budget for an entire fiscal year, having regular meetings.

When asked if he believes having a year long budget committee as opposed to forming the committee one month prior to the budget approval would benefit the city, Floyd said no.

“It wouldn't make no difference to have people work on it all year,” said Floyd.