The Pryor Times

March 26, 2013

Police captain position approved

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

— Steve Lemmings is officially the Pryor Police Captain.

His position, salary and job description were finalized in the March 13 City Budget and Personnel meeting. His annual salary was set at $44,815, effective March 20.

Committee member Drew Stott said he wanted to clarify himself on the issue.

“I see some of the need for this position, I just think it's bad timing. I don't like asking other departments to make sacrifices and go without raises and then fill this position that wasn't budgeted for,” said Stott.

When it came down to a vote, Stott was outnumbered and the motion passed.

The committee approved a security system for the Pryor Animal Shelter to be paid from the Capital Outlay Account.

The city received quotes from three companies. Ages Computers quoted $11,673.82, Digi quoted $11,998, and Direct Communications submitted the lowest quote at $11,699.

All three vendors meet the minimum requirements, according to the Pryor Police Chief Dennis Nichols.

“We've had issues with people dumping animals out there and there have been some complaints filed. This will help out on both of those issues,” said Nichols.

There will be a total of 13 cameras, both interior and exterior.

A motion was made to approve the contract through Ages.

The Pryor Police Department made a request for the purchase of a voice logger system.

This system records 911 calls, radio logs and other calls. It allows the dispatcher to review the recordings to check for accuracy.  

“It helps us not have any liability issues,” said Nichols.

Several nearby communities use a similar system. Pryor's current system, according to Nichols, is about 10 years old.

The city received three quotes for this system. Muskogee Systems, DSS Company and Voice Products submitted bids of $16,960, $14,350 and $13,189, respectively.

The contract was awarded to DSS Company as they were the lowest reasonable bid and offered competitive yearly maintenance fees and additional features, pending the city attorney's approval.

The mayor provided a financial report.

“You'll see in the general funds that we're $56,866.52 in the hole. It's not unexpected, but that's where we are,” said Mayor Jimmy Tramel.

“Our sales tax for March is up 10.5 percent. We're going to come out ahead but not much,” said Tramel.

He reported street and drainage revenue is up over expenditures. The golf course account shows a negative balance of $6,596.30, which Tramel said should balance out as the cart leasing has been paid off.

“We're not out of the woods but we're getting there,” said Tramel.

The meeting ended with a request from the mayor to seek bids for furniture and a new telephone system for city hall.

“This was not a budgeted item, but I'd like to see bids and see what it costs and then look at grants,” said Tramel.

“I've already looked at the dimensions and all that garbage to see what will fit,” said Tramel. “Basically the only part of the current furniture that could move over there is my desk.”

“We're getting nine times the space in this new building, and our furniture won't fit?” said Stott.

Tramel explained the changes were due to the layout of the building.

Stott asked where the money for furnishings would come from. Tramel said it would be from a grant and/or from the Capital Outlay account.

“I thought you said if you got this new building you would use the existing furniture,” said Stott.

Tramel said the existing furniture is dated, mismatched and worn out.

The bid for new furniture would include everything from file cabinets, desks and tables to chairs and cubicles, said Tramel.

“Only figure seven new chairs for council, I don't mind sitting in these. I'll take it over there with me, it's probably better built anyway,” said Stott.

The committee determined a decision would be made after seeing if a grant was available.

Tramel explained that the current phone system is out-dated and expensive.

“It costs over $200 to get replacements because they're so old they have to get them from an auction,” said Tramel. “I want to seek bids for a new system.”

“Seems like a councilman told you to cut back on the building because we would run into stuff like this,” said Stott.

“You know what Drew, you're completely right,” said Tramel.

The committee approved seeking bids.