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March 22, 2012

LG conducts monthly meeting

The Locust Grove Town Council and Public Works Authority meetings were held on a stormy Monday night.

The mayor, vice mayor and all three town trustees were present.

For the month of February, the library reported 615 books checked out, 165 Internet patrons and 109 children attending library programs.

The Locust Grove Fire Department had 51 runs, 203 man hours and 183 free smoke detectors installed.  

The police department conducted eight traffic stops, 37 animal calls, housed 55 inmates (48 of whom were Locust Grove residents), received 45 calls and 232 walk-ins.

Town workers continue to fill pot holes and 36 street signs have been replaced. The town has started mowing city properties along highways 82 and 412. County Commissioner Ryan Ball will meet with the town to go over street repairs. The county will lend the town equipment for street repairs.

The first order of town business was to hire Absolute Exterminators to deal with the termite problem at the library. The cost is $750.

The council approved repairs to a police car for $883.25 to Coblentz Collision Repair. The money will be taken out of the public safety fund.

The council approved payment to Scott’s Auto Body for a repair to another police car for $350. That money was taken out of the public safety fund.

The council approved a blanket purchase order for Scott’s Auto Body for $500 for future repairs. Martha Pierce voted no.

The council tabled a blanket purchase order for gun-cleaning kits from Black’s Drug.

The council approved a new intoxilizer (breathalyzer) for the police department from C.M.I. for $8,199. Sgt. Zeb Rone said he has three officers who were trained to use the device.

The council approved a pay raise of 50 cents an hour for employee Thomas Fisher.

The council voted to table a motion for computer setup and software for the police department.

The council approved changing the police radio bands to 12.5 megahertz (MHz) not to exceed $1,500. Rectec is the name of the company that will be changing the radio bands. The Federal Communi-cations Commission requires all emergency services to use a more narrow band.

Janet Donnelly of the Public Works Department told the council her crew is willing to mow anywhere it is directed.

Cooper said the town doesn’t have the equipment to mow everywhere, but the town needs to mow where tickets are issued by the police department because people know the town is maintaining those areas.

He said that it isn’t necessary that the grass be ankle high. A big problem is that some folks in the town don’t mow their easements while others do. The town has two mowers.

The town will mow easements on a case-by-case basis. This will be complaint-driven and the property owner will be asked to mow the easements first. The town may mow less frequently, using a brush hog instead of the mowers.

The council approved purchase orders for asphalt for street repairs from APAC paving contractors not to exceed $4,000.

The town approved three extra dumpsters for $325 each for the clean up day on March 31.  Cooper voted no.

The council tabled replacing the tin horns at the corner of Pear and Apple streets.

The council spent a lot of time researching Locust Grove resident Floyd Ross’ request to build a retaining wall on a town easement. The council took no action.

The council hired Lucas Raith to work full-time mowing and doing maintenance. Raith is going into the military in October.

The council took no action at this meeting on ordinance Section 8-1-1 - 8-115 regarding the accumulation of trash and weeds.

Council members discussed imposing a fine of $200 for those who violate that statute. A warning would be issued and the resident would have 10 days to comply. After 10 days, a $200 fine would be issued. Rone said the town should consider doubling and tripling the fines for repeat violators.  

The council took no action on ordinance Section 8-401 - 8-404 for junked, wrecked motor vehicles.

The council agreed to setting an amount to pay board members for attendance at special meetings. An ordinance will have to be written.

Under new business, the council discussed addressing a trashy front yard in town. The council will address the matter at the next meeting when the ordinances are reworked.

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