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June 12, 2014

LG resident claims water unsafe

PRYOR, OK — Locust Grove Town Hall meeting was called to order by Trustee Terry Cooper.

Mayor Heath Holman was not present.  

Wilma Dillavou addressed the board of trustees about her water quality. “Once you all connected me to the city water, it comes through milky and there is air in my lines. It is going to ruin my new washer. I called DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) and they tested my water and told me not to drink it. They did this for my health,” said Dillavou.   

Cheryl McNutt, Locust Grove Public Works Authority, said, “An MRN test was cultured and it is well within range of safety.”

“We have been buying water from Harps for two years,” Dillavou said.

“And we have been trying to help you, haven’t we?” said Cooper.

“The DEQ said the city has not tested the water in our house,” said Dillavou.

“We are only required to test the water on the outside.  We are never required to test inside. We met our obligation of the contract,” McNutt said.

Dillavou disputed that saying she never signed anything to make an agreement.

“We met our obligation of the contract,” McNutt said.

“How can you have a contract when no one signed that it was even completed? How can you have a legally binding contract when two people have to agree and both have not signed it?” said Dillavou.

“We are done with this,” Cooper said.

The Dillavous left the meeting with the issue unresolved.

Without any board discussion, the town accepted three items of resignations on the agenda from the following: Chief of Police Chris Edwards, City Judge Lisa Bohannan and Stephen Perry (from the position of Flood Plain Administrator).  Letters of resignation from their respective positions were sent to the board prior to the meeting.  

Angie Dawson originally submitted her resignation, but due to the resignation of community leaders she withdrew her resignation to stay on board, pending the hiring and training of new town employees. Edwards plans to stay until July 30.

Each town department presented its budget for fiscal year 2014-2015. The library amended its budget, the fire department wanted the same as last year and the police department wanted $395,000 – which was higher than last year.  “We wanted this because our overall costs were way up there.  We added $10,000 to account for overtime to prevent a problem in the future.  We are also averaging $1,800 to $2,000 a month in fuel,” said Edwards.

Sarah Rankhorn of Grand Gateway submitted and presented the town with everything a Capitol Improvement grant paid her for such as maps, books, and CD. “I just want you to know the town employees were a tremendous help and saved you a lot of money by helping me with what I needed.  

“We did in fact verify the town owns the property in Afton. The property in Miami was sold in 2007,” said Rankhorn. The CIP toolkits and maps final review were approved.   CIP Resolution #2014-02 was approved and adopted by the town. The town accepted the CIP grant closeout documents. All information regarding the town is completely updated. She gave the town eight books that are city property and are proprietary to the city only. They were instructed not to give them out.   

The town approved the LG Arts Alliance to host a play at Pipe Springs Park. April Stone with the Arts Alliance will host a speech and theater week beginning June 16 at the VFW building. “On the night of July third from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m., youths will re-enact the Battle of Locust Grove. There will be funnel cakes and lemonade vendors.” Locust Grove youth are encouraged to call the Arts Alliance if they wish to play a part in the historical re-enactment.   

Ray Vaughn with the fire department wanted to lower the amount of a request for a camper shell since they found one cheaper.  The aboard approved the new amount not to exceed $2,000 from Grand Junction.  

Vaughn also expressed resolution and decision regarding fire runs to rural areas in which the homeowners have not purchased annual memberships of $50 a year. There was an expressed hardship for some of the homeowners who cannot pay their fire run bill. Some of the homeowners do not have insurance to pick up the cost.   

The town approved American Family Life Assurance Company (AFLAC) as a supplement to current insurance. American Fidelity will be administering the plan. There will be no up-front costs associated with the switch or start-up since AFLAC only bills out of arrearage.

Garver Engineers presented a sample of options regarding the flood plan. They will still need to go to the school to further discuss the drainage. This item was tabled since there was nothing to approve.


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