The Pryor Times

December 14, 2013

Noland: Pryor’s man of distinction

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

PRYOR, OK — Each year Tulsa Business & Legal News asks the citizens of Tulsa to nominate businessmen they feel are accomplished in their profession, serve to better the community and inspire other men.

This year, Pryor’s own Travis Noland was among the men honored on their list of 20 Men of Distinction.

He was honored alongside prominent area individuals including Dewey Bartlett, Mayor of Tulsa. As well as being a city council member and a ring -leader in the Pryor Main Street program, Noland is a Communications Manager at Cherokee Nation Businesses.

Noland was honored at the awards ceremony Nov. 21

Noland graduated Oklahoma State University in 2006 and started with an entry level position at Cherokee Nation Businesses that same year. He completed the Mayes County Leadership program as well as the Tulsa Leadership program.

While Nolan's professional achievements are nothing to sneeze about, word around town is his distinction goes far beyond his Cherokee Nation day job.

“I continue to be impressed with Travis’ professionalism, knowledge and ethical servitude. It is an encouragement to see a young man committed to community and willing to step forward in doing what it takes to make Northeast Oklahoma a better place to live. He really cares and it shows in his service for the citizens of Pryor on the City Council, establishing and serving on the board for Pryor Main Street, and by participating in the Mayes County and Tulsa Leadership programs. Congratulations to Travis on this much-deserved award,” said Mayes County Assessor Lisa Melchior.

“I have enjoyed working with such a dedicated young man, a great debater and thinker,” said BJ Cummings, Pryor Main Street program director. “He will listen to what I have to say before forming an opinion, he will listen to both sides of an issue. He works long hours and is very passionate and dedicated to his career and family.”

Pryor’s Mayor Jimmy Tramel had kind words to say about Noland as well.

“Travis Noland is a bright young person that wants to see Pryor grow and backs his words with actions. Travis is not afraid to discuss any issue and bring all parties together to find the best collaborative resolution for the betterment of the community,” said Tramel.

Tramel said he appreciates Noland and his persistence in working on the city council to improve the city of Pryor.

Pryor Chamber of Commerce president Barbara Hawkins described Noland as a visionary.

“But not only does he have great vision, he is also very hands-on,” said Hawkins, who has interacted with Noland through several projects and organizations.

“He is exactly the type of young person Pryor should be proud and grateful to have. We are blessed he decided to stay local,” said Hawkins, who is not at all surprised to hear of Noland’s honor.

She said Noland is passionate about Pryor but has a broad vision and knows the value of pulling rural communities together.

Cummings said Noland loves Pryor and wants to see his hometown revitalized. As President of the Pryor Main Street program, he is an asset to the entire town, she said.

“It’s an honor to be recognized, especially considering the other individuals on this list. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished but what I’m most proud of is what I’ve helped other people accomplish,” Noland said.

He said it’s all about being a leader.

“The best thing we can do as leaders is to help younger generations harness what they’re passionate about. Coming from a small town or a poor family doesn’t limit what you can achieve,” said Noland.

He said when you’re in a leadership role there are always people watching you. That’s why he strives to live every day like a leader.

Noland said seeing the other names on the list is inspiring.

“Seeing everything they’ve accomplished gives me something to strive for,” said Noland. “I’m just getting started.”