The Pryor Times

November 11, 2013

MUB approves replacing sewer line

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

PRYOR, OK — Pryor's Municipal Utility Board held its first meeting in the brand new city hall building Monday.

The board met on the first floor and discussed replacing an 18-inch force sewer main. The main runs from the Ninth Street lift station to the Waste Water Treatment Plant facility. Steven Powell from Mehlburger Brawley, Inc. engineering said they propose upsizing the pipe to a 22-inch line.

“It will provide a greater ranger of operation,” said Powell of the 14,717 feet of line. The estimated construction cost, according to Mehlburger Brawley's calculations is $1,679,620. A general rule of thumb, Powell said, in a project this size, is approximately $100 per foot. The life expectancy of the line is 30 years, Powell said. The existing line is approximately 20 years old.

“The worst thing for this pipe is sunlight, so there are regulations on how long material can sit out at a job site before it has to be covered,” said Powell.

He told the board river rock will be used as a base to set the line, rather than sand. The river rock, purchased in Owasso, is more stable and durable than sand. Powell said engineering fees will be about $90,000, less than the average engineering costs on a project of this magnitude.

Funding for the project comes from the half-cent sales tax ear-marked for improvement of the Waste Water Treatment Plant.