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November 2, 2013

Trash-collecting meth cook wants bond reduced

PRYOR, OK — Christian Butcher, of Quality Trash Service, was recently charged with illegally dumping garbage on his own property at Wickliffe.

While executing the search warrant, authorities found an operating methamphetamine lab, methamphetamine, paraphernalia, firearms, and a police scanner. Bond was set at $250,000 but Butcher appeared in court again Thursday on a motion to reduce bond.

His attorney, Gerald Lee, recounted the years he has known Butcher and the previous instances he has represented him. Lee said he sees no reason Butcher would be a flight risk, and requested the bond be reduced.

“He operates a trash collection service, so there are a lot of people suffering by him being in jail,” said Lee. “And with respect to the seriousness of the charges, one of the guns was not his and the other he did not know about.”

On behalf of the state, Assistant District Attorney Marny Hill entered two photographs as evidence.

“What the court is seeing is what Mr. Butcher does. He has a trash truck, he picks up trash, then he just dumps it on his own property,” said Hill. “If that's the way he does business the state is perfectly content with him not being in business right now.”

Hill pointed out that Butcher had a minor living in these conditions.

“I don't need to lecture the court about the dangers of manufacturing in a meth lab, the danger to himself and the community. The pollutants linger for some time, plus he has half of Mayes County's trash,” said Hill.

The prosecutor said she is unsure if Butcher would legally be allowed to return to his property. She asked the court to rule no minors be allowed to live on the property as it is and said the possession of a police scanner and firearms concerned the state.

“He says that was only two days of trash and that they were dumped there because his truck broke down,” said Lee. “He had already made the arrangements with the Department of Environ-mental Quality.”

“According to the law enforcement's interview, Mr. Butcher said the trash was dumped on his property because the dump was closed,” said Hill.

Law enforcement testimony said the DEQ was consulted before the search warrant was executed.

Gore denied the bond reduction. Butcher will continue to be held in the Mayes County Jail on a $250,000 bond.


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