The Pryor Times

October 11, 2013

Pryor cop gets commendation

Susan Wagoner
Staff Reporter

PRYOR, OK — After Northeast Oklahoma Rural Electric Coop (REC) reported a number of burglaries at their location, Pryor Police Officer Mike Moore stepped up.

Working the night shift, Moore decided to increase his patrol in that area.

“Officer Mike Moore took it upon himself to sit up there every night,” Det. James Willyard said.

On the night of Sept. 14, at approximately 2:45 a.m., Moore heard what he determined to be metal being moved around in the direction of REC.

“Shortly after, he observed a vehicle driving at a slow rate of speed near the area,” Willyard said.

Moore contacted Officer Jeff Mitchell by phone to stop the vehicle.

“Mitchell stopped the vehicle and observed two individuals inside,” Willyard said, adding that when Mitchell made contact with the driver, he observed fresh scratches on his arm with some bleeding. “There were also fresh grass stains consistant with the field surrounding REC.”

While Mitchell was dealing with the traffic stop, Moore was investigating the area and discovered where entry had been made into REC property.

The two individuals were identified as Robert A. Riley, 26, and Estol Cummingham, 62.

Willyard was contacted by Mitchell and ultimately interviewed Cunningham, who was driving the vehicle.

“Cunningham admitted to driving the vehicle and picking up Riley to bring him out here, knowing what he was doing here,” Willyard said.

Further investigation of REC grounds revealed the items targeted for the theft.

Subsequest video surveillance confirmed Riley entering the area and preparing to take the items.

The investigation continues as to whether Riley is responsible for the additional burglaries in the area and Willyard said another suspect is being sought by police.

Moore was awarded an Outstanding Service Award by the Pryor Police Department for his dedication to see a break in the case.

“It was the hard work and dedication Mike Moore brought to the case that led to the arrests of these individuals,” Willyard said.

Riley and Cunningham were both charged with breaking and entering with intent to steal copper and possession of stolen copper.