The Pryor Times

April 11, 2013

Salina cop receives award

Staff Writer
Susan Wagoner

— Salina Police Officer Dale Tillotson was the recipient of an award presented at Tuesday’s town council meeting. Tillotson received the 20th Annual Oklahoma Buckledown Award after statistics showed he was responsible for 73 percent of all alcohol-related driving arrests in Salina in 2012.

The award was presented by Chief of Police Vince Stoyanoski.

“He’s a real go-getter,” Stoyanoski said of Tillotson. “Everyone has a knack for something. Some drugs, some burglary, but his is alcohol-related driving.”

Tillotson has been with the department for 18 months and even arrived slightly late to the meeting because he stopped a driver suspected of drinking.

The award stated that Tillotson was recognized “for exceptional performance in the area of occupant protection, impaired driving, or traffic safety through the use of enforcement, public information and education, and prevention efforts designed to reduce traffic collisions and their resulting injuries and deaths.”