The Pryor Times

December 3, 2012

Murder in Mayes County

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

PRYOR — William Wilkerson called 911 Wednesday to report that he had stabbed his mother. Susan Wilkerson, 57, was apparently dead when her 30-year-old son made the call.

Mayes County Sheriff’s Deputies went to a home in Rose to find the woman had been stabbed.

“When OSBI and the District Attorney Investegators interviewed Wilkerson, he said he strangled her. He then stabbed her with a paring knife, which broke, so he retrieved a kitchen knife and stabbed her at least two more times,” said Lt. Alan Davis.

When Davis, Sgt. Ryan Kester, and Deputy Ray Thomas arrived on the scene, Wilkerson was still inside the residence.

Wilkerson said he believed his mother was lying to him, and that is what prompted him to assault her. No information has been disclosed regarding the nature of the disagreement between Wilkerson and his mother.

Davis reported that there was no evidence of drug or alcohol use. Wilkerson had a criminal record that included misdemeanor assault, public intoxication, malicious injury to property, driving under the influence-aggravated, and driving under suspension.

“Wilkerson had a history of alcohol abuse, but was not under the influence of alcohol at the time,”said Mayes County Detective Albert McKee.

Wilkerson shared the residence in Rose with his mother who purchased it in 2009. The police report says Wilkerson had a job requiring him to work out of town, and he had recently returned home.

There is no record of Wilkerson attending school in Mayes County.

Wilkerson was taken into custody and is being held at the Mayes County Jail without bond on first degree murder charges. His initial court appearance is Friday.