The Pryor Times

November 27, 2012

Locust Grove accepts bridge bid

Staff Writer
Ted King

LOCUST GROVE — Bids were accepted for long-awaited repairs to the Broadway Street Bridge in Locust Grove last Monday night. The council approved a bid from D & E Construction. There were four bids submitted. The bid from D & E was for $38,875.

Vice Mayor Health Holman presided as Mayor Terry Cooper was absent. Other members present were Town Trustees Tony McFarland and Brenda Williams. Martha Pierce joined the meeting late.

During October, the library had 622 patrons, 17 of whom were new; 544 books were checked out; 278 visitors used the Internet; $188 dollars in general funds and $42 in donations.

The fire department had 33 runs, 117 man hours, and two firefighters who completed extraction training.

The police department housed 21 inmates, 15 of those from other towns, wrote 179 warnings, issued 25 citations, completed 15 agency assists, had 413 walk-ins, 12 animal calls, two animals picked up and seven vehicles towed.

The council approved transferring $20,000 from the fire department special fund to a certificate of deposit or CD.

There was no action taken on a fire run regarding Chad Kirby as he was not present at the meeting.

The council approved a .50 cent pay raise for officer Chad Nave retroactive to his Aug. 8 graduation from Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training. Nave will now make $13.50 an hour.

The council spent some time discussing Nave’s CLEET certification. Nave is bound to work in Locust Grove for one year after getting his CLEET certification. Nave has been approached for a job by the town of Chouteau. The council decided that to release Nave, three months after his CLEET certification, Chouteau or any other town would have to pay Locust Grove $5,220.

The council agreed to a 60 day extension for dispatcher Tabitha Smith. Pierce said, “I hear that Tabitha has a bad attitude and that she doesn’t want to do extra duties.”  Police Chief Wade Henderson said that Smith did not want to do extra duties because she is new on the job and was concerned that she is not qualified to do extra duties.

The council approved a .50 cent pay raise for dispatcher Ashley Gillick after she had been certified by the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Telecommunications System. The raise was made retroactive to Gillick’s OLETS graduation on Aug. 24. The vote was three to one. Pierce voted no. Gillick will now make $10 an hour.

The council voted to make dispatcher Katie Gore a full time employee and removed her from the probationary period. Gore received a .50 cent an hour raise. Gore will now make $9.50 an hour. During discussion of the pay raise for Gore, Henderson admitted that Gore had been late a few times to work. The vote to approve a full time employee was three to one. Pierce voted no.

The council tabled a motion on purchasing a hand held intoxilizer from CMI for the police department. An intoxilizer is used to determine how much alcohol is in the blood.

The council approved paying an invoice for $187.50 from Mere Software for repairs to the police department’s camera system.

The council approved paying an invoice from Gillick Automotive amounting to $611.96 for repairs to a radiator on a 2010 Dodge Charger used by the police department.

The council approved payment on an invoice for $3,055 from Goddard Enterprises for repairs for the tornado siren..

The council approved payment on an invoice for $876.14 to Total Service for repairs to the air conditioning in the jail.

The council approved a 50-cent pay raise for officer Chris Buck. Buck had his 90 day review. He will make $13.50 an hour.

Annissa Saffel asked the council to approve Christmas gift cards for four library volunteers. The total for the four gift cards is $140.

The council approved making Zach Rodriguez a full-time employee and taking him off probationary period. Janet Donnelly, of the Street and Alley department, said “He’s an exceptional employee.”

The council tabled a motion setting the meeting schedule for 2013.

The council approved Christmas bonuses for town employees. Full-time employees will receive $150 and part-time will receive $75.

Town Clerk Tamatha Ogilvie presented the council with an invoice to InterAct from 2011 that had not been paid. The amount was $375.30 for a maintenance agreement on the computers in the police cars.

The council began condemnation proceedings on two properties in town. One is located at 204 S. Wyandotte St. which burned last July. The other property is located at 308 W. Harrison St. which recently burned. Henderson said his department found stolen property and drugs in the house on Harrison Street.