November 26, 2012

Jefferson students participate in national mock election

November 26, 2012 The Times

PRYOR — Jefferson Elementary School  students recently participated in a national “Every Student Votes” Election.   Sponsored by Social Studies Weekly, the election took place on line with more than 1 million students voting from coast to coast.  

Students had access to information about the candidates from both major parties and teachers were able to share about the voting process and the rights and responsibilities of American citizens to participate.  

All students voted on Oct. 30 by visiting the Jefferson Library where polling stations were set up.  

Students received an “I Voted” sticker once they had voted online.  

Voting results were updated every 15 minutes throughout the day.  The National Election was extended through Nov. 2 to allow schools on the east coast that had been affected by Hurricane Sandy an opportunity to vote.   

While Jefferson chose Mitt Romney by of vote of 182 to 110, the final national talley for participating schools showed President Barack Obama winning the popular vote with 614,885 votes, and 427,825 votes for Mitt Romney.  

President Obama also won through electoral votes with 479 electoral votes to Mitt Romney’s 59 electoral votes.

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