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November 24, 2012

Outstanding warrants to be reduced in Mayes County

PRYOR — The Pryor City Council meeting Tuesday began with a discussion of outstanding warrants. Mayor Jimmy Tramel proposed that all outstanding warrants be reduced to one-half of their current balance if paid in full by Dec. 31.

“If they don’t pay, we go after their taxes. But reducing it by half might be the way to get our money. We have $812,000 in outstanding warrants,” said Tramel.

“Isn’t this setting a bad example that will encourage other people to not pay their fines?” said Councilman Drew Stott of District Four.

Tramel said most of the people who owe fines may not be traceable, despite bench warrants being issued. Few of them still live at the address on file. He said getting half of $812,000 is better than nothing.

The council voted yes with the exception of Stott, who voted no.

The council discussed amending Pryor Creek City Code Title 6 which relates to motor vehicles and traffic. The discussion was about golf carts and utility vehicles. The ordinance states that a fee of $20 will be required yearly permitting golf carts or utility vehicles to be operated on the streets of Pryor.

“Should it read $20 for the whole year or per event? Do we want to give permission for a year long event?” said Stott.

After discussion, it was clarified that this pertains to special events.

“There are some streets golf carts shouldn’t be on at all. Like Highway 69 and 20,” said Police Chief Dennis Nichols.

Permits can be found at City Hall and must be approved by Police Chief Dennis Nichols.

The city council approved payroll purchase orders through Nov. 23 and claims for purchase orders through Nov. 20.

The council approved the October appropriation requests as well as the waiver of Community Hall fee and deposit for a Free Legal Aid Clinic on Jan.19, 2013.

The council approved an expenditure in the amount of $2,500 to the Pryor Band for reimbursement of Hotel/Motel grant funds from cancelled checks and paid invoices and an expenditure in the amount of $5,000 to the Pryor High School for the Oklahoma Association Student Council Conference also from Hotel/Motel grant funds.

There were two other approved expenditures. One to the American Legion for the amount of $1889.93 and the other for OverDrive (OK Virtual Library) Participation Maintenance Fee and Future Content Purchases for Thomas J. Harrison Public Library.

In an executive session the council discussed the Fraternal Order of Police contract, the International Association of Fire Fighters contract, and the purchase or appraisal of real property. The council approved the police contract and took no action on the remaining two.


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