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November 17, 2012

Police chief wants to create new job

PRYOR — The Pryor Police Department is seeking approval to create a supervisor position. This request was made at the Pryor Budget and Personnel Committee meeting Tuesday by Police Chief Dennis Nichols.

“I would like to implement a supervisor position,” Nichols said. “The person filling that position would take a lot of responsibility off of me and Assistant Chief Derek Melton.”

Nichols said these jobs are constantly changing and having a person to absorb some of the administrative duties will help streamline the department and make it more efficient. He proposed a 10 percent pay increase for the position.

“I don’t think it’s fair to ask someone to take over this amount of responsibility without promotion or pay raise,” Nichols said.

Mayor Jimmy Tramel raised questions regarding the pay increase.

“Ten percent is excessive in our pay plan. Plus, you’ll have worker’s compensation, retirement, and overtime to factor in. Three percent is sufficient,” Trammel said.

The council members raised the question of who will be filling this position. Nichols said the position would be filled from within the department.

“Do you have a sergeant that doesn’t have a heavy enough work load that he would be missed if he was promoted?” Councilman Drew Stott said.

“You’re going to promote from within, which will create an open position, it’s a self-inflicted shortage,” said Councilman Greg Rosamond.

“The complexity of what we have to manage is huge. We need someone to help us do more with less and make us more efficient. This will only benefit the city,” Melton said.

At this point the councilmen requested a written, tentative, job description as well as the figures comparing a three percent pay increase with a 10 percent pay increase. The council decided to table the issue until the December meeting.

Another item concerned applications for the vacant fire fighter position. Tramel opened the discussion, suggesting he would like to begin the 30-day application process, rather than waiting mid-year as originally planned.

“Are we confident we’ll be able to employ them full time after the middle of the year?” Rosamond asked.

“Yes. We’re over budget in some areas, but overall we’re good on budget. I’m confident we could,” Tramel said. The mayor is concerned that the city will need someone in that position before the first of the year.

“I’m more comfortable waiting until mid-year as originally planned, so we know we have the money in budget,” said Stott.

The council approved the motion to begin taking applications for the vacant fire fighters position now.

The council approved the reimbursement to Pryor Band in the amount of $2,500 from the hotel/motel grant funds.

The council approved the reimbursement to Pryor High School for the Oklahoma Association Student Council Conference in the amount of $5,000 from the hotel/motel grant funds.

The reimbursement to American Legion from the hotel/motel grant in the amount of $1,889.93 was approved.


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