The Pryor Times

March 30, 2013

Salina to offer free pet registration

Staff Writer
Susan Wagoner

— The Town of Salina will be offering free animal registration throughout the month of April, according to Animal Control Officer Josh Davis.

Davis submitted a request to the town Board of Trustees at their March meeting asking for the fee waiver. The motion was approved.

In the written request, Davis, who has worked part-time for the town for over a year, said he has found the town ordinances on animal control difficult to enforce.

“Unregistered animals are a concern, a violation of city ordinance, and can be difficult to enforce, especially for indoor animals that are rarely seen outside,” Davis wrote. “By animals not being registered, (I) cannot verify that shots are current for the animal, as well as it makes it difficult to prove ownership of the animal if (it’s) running at large.”

Davis said the town has ordinances to cover all of these issues, and are helpful when residents understand them and do their part to comply.

“As per Salina City Ordinances for Animal Control / Domestic Animals: All domestic animals are required to be registered (4-122); all domestic animals are required to be vaccinated for rabies (4-121) and all domestic animals are required to be in a fenced yard/pen/or on a leash unless the animal is kept inside (4-102, 4-103),” Davis said.

Citizens can view a complete listing of city ordinances regarding animal control issues by requesting it from Davis.

“All current city animal tags are considered to be expired on May 1,” Davis said. “We are issuing new tags that have tag numbers of 200 or higher, so beginning May 1, all animal tags that are lower than 200 will be considered to be expired.”

Davis hopes to use the month of April to update animal records as well as educate pet owners as to the ordinances relating to pet ownership.

To obtain a city tag for a domestic animal, or to renew a current tag, pet owners can go to city hall during normal business hours Monday through Friday from

8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“Any on duty police officer or an employee at city hall can take your basic information and pass that information on to me,” Davis said, adding that he will then contact pet owners and arrange for the registration. Citizens can contact city hall at (918) 434-5026.

“The only thing that will be required for free registration is proof of a current rabies vaccination,” Davis said. “Please take advantage of this offer so that when animal control enforcement begins on May 1, it will have little effect on you and your pets.”