The Pryor Times

January 8, 2013

Commissioners OK definition of ‘fire run’

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

— The Mayes County Commissioners approved the official definition of  a “fire run” to be used in the allotment of fire fund distribution.  

“I worked most of the day Thursday on this. A couple of firemen and an emergency management director had a definition,” said District 2 Commissioner, Darrell Yoder.

Yoder read the official definition of a fire run to be approved by the commissioners.

“All fire departments are required to meet the minimum standards adopted by the Mayes County Fire Association and approved by the Board of County Commissioners. These standards must be met to receive any funding,” read Yoder.

The fire departments that meet the required standards will receive $36,000 per year base funding.

“The definition of a fire run is as follows: any time a fire department is dispatched through their 911 Center and responds to an emergency call with certified and appropriate vehicles and personnel, and requested mutual aid call,” said Yoder.

The official definition outlined what would not be considered a fire run; service calls, smoke alarm installs, fire codes, canceled calls before units are en route, non-emergency calls, stand-by, and football games.

Yoder then pointed out that the definition says departments that make no effort in lowering their ISO rating to an acceptable number will be removed from funding.

“I don’t think there will be a problem with them paying their bills, but if someone does, they can come before the board and will help take care of it,” said District 1 Commissioner Alva Martin.

Yoder posed the idea of creating another board to act as an intermediary, between the fire board and the commissioners.

“If we have that I’d like to see people involved that don’t have a dog in the fight,” said Martin.

“Why don’t we abolish the Fire Board and let the Board of County Commissioners take care of that? Apparently our board doesn’t let the Fire Board do their job, so why would we create another board,” said District 3 Commissioner, Ryan Ball.

“The problem with the fire board now is that they are all just worried about building their own empires,” said Martin. “I really think we need to have a three-person board, with people that don’t have a dog in the fight, maybe with a retired Tulsa fireman. Our Fire Board right now isn’t working too well.”

“I think given time the Fire Board could do well, they just have to be given time to make decisions,” said Ball.

“It’s has been six years since I’ve been on the board and it seems to be going down hill,” said Martin.

The commissioners then made, and approved, the motion to approve the definition as read.

The commissioners voted to appoint Alva Martin as the new Chairman of the Board.

In regard to Fair Board members, the commissioners discussed extending their terms. Martin said one Fair Board member from each district would have their term  extended from Jan. 1 of this year, to Dec. 31 2014. This included Ella Kerr, Tim Courtney and Jasen Turner. In addition, two members from each district would have their term extended until Dec. 31, 2016. These members are Todd Thompson, Kelly Brown, Dale Chupp, Larry Ramsey, Gerald Prichett, and Christopher Scott Reed.

“I think the reason for this is they are going to start putting this on a ballot,” said Martin.

“Right, legislation has changed and these will be on a ballot subject to vote,” said Yoder.

The commissioners voted to approve the extensions as read.

Without discussion, the board voted to transfer $300,000 from the General Fund to the Resale Fund, and $350,000 from the General Fund to T-County Highway funds.

Martin discussed appointing John Littlefield as the temporary Courthouse Building Maintenance Superintendent.

“He’s been here a week or so helping out. If you guys are good with it, I’ll keep him here,” said Martin.

The commissioners discussed reviewing applicants for officially filling this position. Yoder said the ending date to apply is either Monday or Tuesday and they have already received a number of applications.

Also on the agenda was the discussion and proposed action concerning approval of Memorandum of Understanding for MIPS Sites and PODs for the Health Depart-ment/Mayes County Emergency Plan. MIPS is a Mass Immunization and Prophylactic Strategy and PODs are simply the points of distribution.

Every city has a MIPS plan that is updated yearly. The MIPS is worked into the city’s emergency management plan. The issue at hand is that the city is down to only one person that is authorized to transport medication from the Health Department to whoever needs it in case of emergency. These medications are mostly immunizations and antibiotics. There are two designated points of distribution in Mayes County.

Janzen explained that these medications are not narcotics, they are immunizations and antibiotics.

The board approved this motion before deciding to sign all claims for payment and blanket purchase orders.