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December 21, 2012

Pryor library fills position


The Pryor City Council accepted the retirement of Carolyn Shaver effective Jan. 31.

Due to the retirement and the resignation of Brett Swofford, the library had two open positions. The library proposed hiring Jamesa Qualls-Hall to replace Swafford and Liane Wray to replace Carolyn Shaver. Discussion arose over the decision to fill both openings with one position posting.

“What are the legal requirements for posting a position, not position and time requirements,” said Councilman Greg Rosamond.

“It’s never come up, but I can look into it if I need to,” said City Attorney Kim Ritchie.

“We had two different openings, one we’ve never advertised for. What if someone didn’t get to apply that would have otherwise?” said Rosamond.

“Both are librarian two positions, so it’s the same pay for both. I knew Carolyn would be retiring, so I looked for both positions in the applications. I interviewed with both positions in mind,” said Library Director Susan Newberry. “We needed to get someone in there so Carolyn can train them; she does things nobody else knows how to do.”

The council discussed the wording of the position that was posted.

“My question is just whether this is consistent with what we do in other departments,” said Councilman Travis Noland. “If someone in another department essentially wants to back fill a budgeted position, are they allowed to do it?”

“ I’m hung up on the fact that we didn’t have to advertise and give citizens a chance to apply,” said Rosamond.

“Rather than wait for the budget meeting, we altered the policy to get someone in the position quicker,” said City Clerk Eva Smith.

“I had many qualified applicants, I don’t think we could have gotten any better,” said Newberry.

The council explained that the discussion was not of the merit of the newly hired employees, rather it was on the legal ramifications of the policy change.

“We’re just checking to see if what I’ve done is legal,” said Mayor Jimmy Tramel.  

Ritchie said he was sure it would not be an issue, but he would check into it if necessary.

“No offense, ladies. We don’t want to get six months down the road and realize we’ve hired you illegally,” said Rosamond. “Welcome aboard.”

“That and I don’t want to go to jail,” said Tramel.

Joking aside, the council voted to approve the hire.

The council approved the resignation of Megan Lanham from the Pryor Police dispatch position, as well as seeking applications to fill the vacant position caused by her resignation.  

In a blanket motion, the council approved payroll purchase orders through Dec. 21 and the claims for purchase orders through Dec. 18. They approved the receipt of deficient purchase orders, and

the November Appropriations Requests.

In regard to the Mayes County Fair Board, the council approved a reimbursement in the amount of $5,572.10. The funds will come from the Hotel/Motel grant from canceled checks and paid invoices.

The council approved seeking sealed bids for an Emergency Management All Hazard Public Warning System.

The council approved the expenditure of $3,808 for Laserfiche Renewal Support and Maintenance Assurance for Feb. 17, 2013 through Feb. 17, 2014.

The next few items on the agenda approved in the blanket motion, including $8,550 to Walter P. Moore for professional services through Aug. 19, $10.575 for services through Sept. 23, $12,375 for services through Oct. 21, and $9,000 for services through Nov. 18. These amounts were all approved to be paid to Walter P. Moore for streets in wards three and four. The council approved the motion to seek bids for street repairs in wards one and two.


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