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June 15, 2012

Mullin: business is who he is

Markwayne Mullin is the owner of Mullin Plumbing, the largest plumbing business in northeastern Oklahoma. He is a Republican running for Oklahoma Representative in District 2.

He is a native of Westville in Adair County. Mullin said he is running for Congress because, “I got fed up.” Fifteen years ago when he took over his father’s business, he was a half million dollars in debt. His father was ill and could not take care of the company. He had just gotten married. He describes that time as one of the hardest in his life.

In three years, his plumbing business was debt-free. Mullin Plumbing went from six employees, including Markwayne and his wife, to over 100 today. The main focus of Mullin’s candidacy is federal regulation of business. Mullin says that he spends 43 cents of every dollar to comply with mandates and regulations from the federal government.

Mullin said that the Bush administration created 10,600 new regulations. The Obama administration created 10,200 new regulations in half the time it took the Bush administration. “Both sides are to blame. And in Washington one side blames the other and nothing gets done.”  

Mullin said 30 to 35 percent of regulations are actually being enforced today. He said an agency may fine a business and the owner not know he’d done anything wrong. There would be nothing the owner could do.  When it comes to legislative experience, Mullin said his opponents say a candidates has to know the system, but he said he can learn the system. He said no one understands the consequences of over regulation who hasn’t dealt with it.

Concerning raising the debt ceiling as a member of Congress Mullin said, “You can’t spend your way out of debt. I know that sounds like common sense but I know what I am talking about. Pushing it down the road doesn’t do anything. That is just robbing Peter to pay Paul. That’s just building up credit debt.” He said politics is not his career and he has a great job already. “I’m a common sense guy, I’m a common sense American.”  

Mullin said if elected, he would not take everyone for granted in the second district by being like all the other politicians.  He said the only way he could raise the debt ceiling would be if there were immediate cuts to the budget and not cuts promised 10 years down the road. He said, if elected, he will only serve six years.

Mullin said he would cut the regulatory agencies from the budget, as he sees them as an obstacle to economic growth. He wants to rein in regulatory agencies “to do what they are supposed to do.” Mullin contends that the government spends more on regulations than they do on the Department of Defense. On defense spending, Mullin said there is waste in military spending, but he wants “the strongest military in the world within reason” as it is the people’s money in taxes being spent.

On war, Mullin said America can’t be the policeman of the world. He said men and women in uniform are bound by rules of engagement. and if the U.S. goes to war, then “kick ‘em in the tail and come home.”

Mullin said that taking an oath to the Constitution and not following it is like calling oneself a Christian and not believing in the Bible.

On auditing the Federal Reserve Board, Mullin favors an audit and says that the Fed is not constitutional. “They are responsible for trillions of what are truly our dollars, and there’s no oversight? I’m accountable to my wife, kids, the Lord, and every employee of my company and I am accountable to make sure I spend wisely.”

He said he does not know why auditing the Federal Reserve is even a debate topic and he believes the Federal Reserve must have something to hide because they don’t want people to see their books.

Mullin has campaign brochures that prominently display his business vans along with the phone number on the side. Since the primary on June 26 is a closed primary, only Republicans may vote for him. Many of those voters are likely to agree with Mullin and the other candidates running on the issues. Some of those same voters may have plumbing needs.

It has been alleged that Mullin is promoting more than his candidacy. Mullin responds to the charge by saying the plumbing vans represent who he is and what he knows.  Mullin said “There was never anything intended to advertise our business,” on the campaign mailers with the vans.

Mullin said that he is in his legal right to use the vans in his ads, and he has to reimburse the company for their use in his campaign materials. Mullin Plumbing is a privately owned by Markwayne Mullin. He said an attorney who handles federal election law told him that the use of his vans in his campaign materials is not in violation of federal election law and that outside of Rogers County, his plumbing business does not compete in other counties in the second district.

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