The Pryor Times

February 6, 2014

Pryor Ward 1 election coming Tuesday

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

PRYOR, OK — Only one seat on Pryor's City Council is up for election Feb. 11.

Current Ward 1 member Ronnie Sharp's term ends next month. Willard Buchanan Jr.  is joining the race to run against Sharp for the seat.

Sharp hopes to keep his place.

“I've lived in Pryor all my life,” said Sharp. “I'd like to continue and see Pryor move forward and make progress.”

When asked if there are specific changes he'd like to see or projects he'd like to undertake in his ward, Sharp said “No, nothing specific I'd like to see.”

Sharp said he cares about the overall welfare of the town of Pryor.

“Well, because I've been here for so long,” Sharp said when asked why constituents should vote him back into his council seat. “And I'm the under-mayor, so I help Jimmy out when I can.”

Opposing Sharp is Willard Buchanan Jr., who ran for a seat two years ago and lost by one vote.

“I've worked for the utility board for 19 years and have lived in Pryor even longer,” said Buchanan.

“I care about the whole town but I especially care about my ward. I'd like to see improved curbs, sidewalks and streets,” Buchanan said concerning specific changes and projects he'd like to see in his ward.

“I'd also like to make sure people get to know their council member. I'll make sure they have access to me even if it means I have to set up a specific time and place every week for them to come by and tell me what's on their mind. I'll be there,” said Buchanan.

When asked why constituents should vote for him Buchanan said, “I'm not political, I just want what's right.

“The public can count on truth and honesty coming out of my mouth. I don't believe in spending money unnecessarily and I do believe in planning for the future,” said Buchanan. “I want to make our neighborhoods look better and I want to help our neighbors.”

Buchanan said he would like to see city crews helping Pryor's senior citizens clean up their property if they have storm damage.

“Also I will push hard for our street, park and cemetery boys. They work so hard and I feel like they don't always get the treatment they deserve,” said Buchanan. “I want people to remember that the city council and mayor work for the citizens, not the other way around.”

The election is  Feb. 11. Only voters living in Ward 1 can vote in a Ward 1 election. City council elections are non-partisan and candidates are not reqired to file a political party.