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September 11, 2013

D.A.: Allegations unfounded

District Attorney Janice Steidley called a press conference Friday afternoon to refute a statement made by Claremore Police Chief Stan Brown.

Steidley’s jurisdiction is District 12, which includes Mayes County.

In an earlier press conference, nine law enforcement agencies within District 12 called for an investigation of Steidley by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

Several allegations against Steidley’s office were made by law enforcement officials. One involves Claremore Police Detective John Singer.

According to reports, Steidley has accused Singer of perjury, saying “Steidley’s accusation centers around a videotaped interview in a Rogers County rape case that Singer investigated. She alleges that sworn affidavits compiled by Singer don’t match what the defendant said.”

No criminal charges have been filed against Singer.

At the press conference held by law enforcement, Brown stated that “the Attorney General’s office nor any other Oklahoma District Attorney will pursue charges against Singer for perjury.”

On Friday, Steidley released a letter her office received from District 10 District Attorney Rex Duncan addressing Brown’s comments.

“My office was prepared to file felony perjury charges against (Singer), pending completion of the OSBI investigation I requested,” Duncan stated in the letter.

The three-page document detailed a timeline of Duncan’s involvement in the investigation, which was taken back by the State Attorney General’s office before its completion.

“When you get a letter like this, it’s quite alarming to me, about what’s going on, especially when you see how there is just a band of brothers that seems to be getting together in Rogers County and then you throw OSBI into the mix,” Steidley said.

Duncan stated in his letter that the case had been reassigned to District 2 District Attorney Dennis Smith, whom Duncan said was an OSBI agent early on in his career.

In response to questions about additional allegations alleged against her office by law enforcement, Steidley answered with a question of her own.

“Have you ever known a law enforcement agency to have a press conference to announce that they want OSBI to do an investigation and have all of these law enforcement agencies present while they did so?” she said. “None of the allegations that I believe that they have brought against me have any foundation at all.”

Currently, there is a petition circulating in Rogers County to gather signatures to have a grand jury investigate Steidley, assistant attorneys David Iski and Timothy Wantland, and Rogers County commissioners Mike Helm and Kirt Thacker.

According to one petitioner, the call is to investigate crimes including witness tampering, filing false criminal reports, destruction of government records and violating victim’s rights to name a few.


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