The Pryor Times

August 29, 2013

Fisherman’s Friend still closed

Staff Writer
Susan Wagoner

— Despite lots of activity at the former location of Fisherman’s Friend convenience store, there are no plans for a new store to open. The building is owned by Stephenson’s Oil Company, which operates several convenience stores including Joe’s in Pryor and Salina.

Fisherman’s Friend was previously leased and operated by Mark Goodman. The store has been closed for several months.

A drill rig was on site recently, prompting questions as to the future of the store, but owner Matt Stephenson said the future is still unknown.

“We’re just doing some housekeeping things to preserve the (fuel) tanks,” Stephenson said. The crew was tasked with installing adenoids into each underground fuel tank to keep the tanks from rusting.

Stephenson said no decision has been made as to the future of the building.

“We just have to take the necessary steps to protect the tanks right now,” he said.

With the convenience store closed and news that Homeland is moving, citizens on the northeast side of Pryor are facing longer distances to purchase food and fuel.