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April 5, 2012

Adair police chief terminated

ADAIR — The town of Adair terminated Police Chief Andy Heathcott after an executive session at the regular meeting Monday. When the open meeting reconvened, Mayor Steve Hall said Heathcott was terminated immediately “for the good of the service.”

During the public comments section of the meeting, Bobbie and Richard Misiak spoke to the council regarding concerns with the police department.

Bobbie Misiak said a recent home invasion inside the city limits was not handled to her satisfaction. She said the suspect was found in a bedroom, arrested, charged with public intoxication, fined and released.

Misiak said a police officer used to patrol by her house, which is located on Highway 28. She said “people are prowling in town” and her dogs are often disturbed.

Misiak is concerned with children getting on or off the school bus. She said drivers do not respect the bus lights and stop sign. She wants a police officer on duty near her house during these times as she is concerned a child will be hit by a car.

“I’m home a lot and I’m a night owl, so I see things. There was a car with an Illinois plate parked behind the Masonic Lodge for two hours. There was no plate on the front and there was another plate inside that didn’t match the one on the back,” Misiak said. She said the police should have discovered that car.

“I see no police units at any time. My main concern ... I never, ever see a patrol car anywhere.” Misiak said she wants to know where her tax dollars are going.

Cathy Hipp, another resident present at the meeting, said the car behind the Masonic Lodge should have been found by the police because it was there so long.

“We have three cops that can work 172 hours a month,” Hall said. “It would take seven cops for a 24 -7 patrol.

“I can tell you where they are in the morning, because I’ve got it on the school cameras. They are sitting at the school.

“I drive a bus. The bus driver is supposed to write down tag numbers” of any vehicles who do not respect the signs and lights.

Richard Misiak said he doesn’t like the way the home invasion was handled and he has another issue with the police department.

He said a year and a half ago, he made an identity theft complaint. Mail was stolen from his box and someone applied for a credit card in his name.

Misiak said he made a report to the police chief, telling him the name and phone number of the person trying to get the credit card.

“The chief said he called and left a message on a machine, and he was waiting to hear back. And that’s all that ever happened.”

Misiak said he fears his insurance rates will increase because of burglaries and break-ins in Adair.

The town of Adair will take possession of the war memorial in the town cemetery.

The monument holds the names of Adair soldiers killed while serving their country. James Boston owns the plot, but Mayor Steve Hall said Boston wants to donate the plot to the town. Trustees approved the donation at the regular meeting Monday.

Police Chief Andy Heathcott reported the department wrote 56 citations in March. The department completed eight reports including one assault and battery, one domestic assault and battery, one burglary/public intoxication, one fraud, one public intoxication/resisting arrest, one threat, one child welfare and one DUI/possession of controlled dangerous substance.

Fire Chief Craig Cooper reported his department had nine runs in March.

Street and Alley worker David Bauer said he is mowing and replacing tin horns in culverts.

Trustees approved Ordinance 2012-1 to de-annex property outside town west to the turnpike gate. This will relieve the town of mowing six additional miles of right-of-way.

Trustees approved Melissa Crawford attending the Oklahoma Municipal Court Clerk inaugural annual conference in Stillwater from May 9 to 11 at a cost of $433, which includes registration fee and room.

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