The Pryor Times

November 1, 2012

Morrison enters blind plea

Managing Editor
Kathy Parker

PRYOR — J.R. Morrison, Pryor, entered a blind plea to sexual battery before a jury could be selected for his trial.

In a blind plea, it is up to the judge to pose sentence instead of the jury. Judge Shawn Taylor gave Morrison a six-month suspended sentence, but he must register as a level 1 sex offender. There are three levels of sex offenders. Level 1 who resister with law enforcement for 15 years, level 2 who register for 25 years and level 3 who register for life.

The victim’s statement to law enforcement says she knew Morrison and his family for years, so when he came to her home, she invited him inside. Morrison forcibly kissed the woman, who repeatedly told him he “needed to leave.” Before the incident was over, according to the statement, Morrison had forced her onto the couch, groping and holding her down. She continued to push him away and tell him to leave, which he eventually did, but he said, “I’ll be back, and you’re going to like it.”

This victim was not the first to come forward.

Assistant District Attorney Marny Hill said there are at least six women who complained about Morrison’s behavior in places of business around Pryor, dating back as far as 2000.

“All those women can’t be lying,” Hill said.

Two alleged victims were willing to make statements to police.

After this victim went to police, Morrison wrote a letter of apology to her and took it to Pryor Police. The letter says Morrison is sorry for what he did and promises he will have no more contact with her.

At 1:30 p.m., Tuesday, Judge Taylor came into the court room. “This case is resolved. An agreement has been reached.” He thanked potential jurors for their service.