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October 13, 2012

Tillotson touted as DUI magnet

SALINA — The Salina Town Council called what had to be one of their shortest meetings. They beat Chouteau’s record set the previous Monday by about five minutes.

The council approved the consent agenda and had the report from library director Lou Ella Martin. She informed the council that, due to donations to the library, they will now have access to at no cost to the town. Martin informed the council that she will attend another class on genealogy in Oklahoma City soon.

The council approved changing the town ordinance amending section 17-103 allowing the town to adopt new water rates in order the meet the debt service requirements for the town. Salina is getting a new water line to the Oklahoma Ordnance Works Authority (OOWA) and closing down their 14 year old water treatment plant because the state Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) told the town last December that they had too many trihalomethanes in their water supply. Trihalomethanes are a by product of chlorine. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, “drinking two liters of water containing 100 ppb (parts per billion) of trihalomethanes every day for 70 years could result in three extra cases of cancer for every 10,000 people.” Salina has a population of 1,396 according to the 2010 census.

The council reviewed the job performance of Amy Carroll upon the completion of one year of employment. The council decided to give Carroll a .25 cent an hour raise to be back dated to Sept. 11.

The council reviewed the job performance of Police officer Dale Tillotson upon the completion of one year of employment. Police Chief Vince Stoyanoksi called Tillotson “a DUI magnet” and recommended the council keep Tillotson. The council approved keeping Tillotson and gave him a .25 cent an hour raise. This is a merit based raise as Tillotson waived the right to a raise should he be retained after a year.

Under new business the town will keep Halloween on Wednesday.

Diana Burns with the chamber asked that the town have some more electrical outlets installed in Springer Park.

Burns said that their are some old bikes that were used as evidence at the Chamber office that are left over from the old jail and city hall. Burns wants the bikes removed.

Under old business Council member Morton Gann said that they need to do something about the dilapidated houses in town. Dennis Weston chimed in saying that these houses are all over the town not in just one section. Mayor Darrell Blaylock asked Chief Stoyanoski to gather a list of dilapidated houses in town and submit them to the council at the November meeting. The meeting was adjourned after 27 minutes. Then the shortest meeting of the Public Works Authority took place. At one minute, forty five seconds this must be a record for any public meeting. The meeting was called. The consent agenda was approved, there was no new business or old business and the meeting was adjourned.

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