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January 14, 2014

Ask the Assessor- exemptions and freezes

PRYOR, OK — Lisa Melchior

Mayes County Assessor

These are some commonly asked questions for exemptions and freezes.

What exemptions are available for our property taxes?

— Base Homestead Exemption

— Double Homestead Exemption

— Veteran’s 100 percent Disabled Exemption

— Manufactured Home Personal Property Exemption

How does the Senior Freeze work?

If you or your spouse are over the age of 65 (by March 15) and have a total gross household income of $53,900* a year or less, you qualify to have the assessed value of your homestead property frozen.

*This income level is based on the medium income range in our community and changes every year.

Do I need to apply for the Senior Freeze every year?

No. Once you apply, the freeze stays on your property until the property title changes or you notify us that your income has increased above the allowable level. If you move, you would need to re-file on your new homestead property.

I have the Senior Freeze but my taxes still went up. Why?

Your taxes may go up if the school mileage increases or you add a structure to your property (i.e.:  addition, out-building, pool, etc.)

What is the Veteran’s 100 percent Disabled Exemption?

This is an exemption for veterans (or their surviving spouse), who are 100 percent disabled from a service related injury.  This exemption is for 100 percent of Ad Valorem taxes on the applicants homestead property.

What do I need to do to apply for the Veteran’s 100 percent Disabled Exemption?

The veteran is required to complete the application and provide us with a letter of determination from the Department of Veteran Affairs and a veteran’s photo ID. This only applies to the homestead property and must be filed for in the current taxable year. (We cannot go back previous years.)

What is the Manufactured Home Personal Property Exemption?

Beginning with the year 2013 and for each year thereafter, any person sixty-two (62) years of age or older, who is the head of a household, is a resident of and is living in this state during the entire preceding calendar year, whose gross household income for the preceding year did not exceed the greater of $22,000.00 or 50 percent of the Housing and Urban Development median family income for the county where the manufactured home is located and owns and resides in a manufactured home which is located on land not owned by the owner of the manufactured home may receive an exemption on the manufactured home in an amount equal $2,000 assessed value. (50 percent of HUD for 2014 is $26,950)


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