The Pryor Times

January 2, 2014

Construction continues on jail sewer system

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

PRYOR, OK — The start of the new year means the start of the next phase of the jail sewer line project. The project that began in October will begin the next phase of repairs around Jan. 13, 2014. The bid for the next phase of the project was awarded to the lowest hourly bidder, Gibbs Plumbing.

At the meeting Monday, the Mayes County Commissioners voted to use county employees to speed up the process. One employee from each district will work on the project along with four jail inmates.

“We can send one employee from each district. And once we get into a routine with the dump trucks and backhoes, we can cut back to just the inmates,” said Commissioner Alva Martin.

Richardson said the crews will take steps to find out where the old jail ties into the new system, saving the current project both time and money.

If the old jail sewer line is lower, crews would have to excavate down to the older line.

The extensive project of breaking up the concrete, removing the old sewer line and laying new line will primarily use the main jail entrance.

“Right now no work is being done,” said Jail Administrator Kyle Murray. “We're gearing up for the next phase of the project which will close off the main entrance of the jail. Unfortunately, after that they will move on to work on the biggest pod, the D-pod, which houses about 65 inmates.”

“That’s why we hope to complete the project during the jail’s slow months, January and February,” said Wayne Richardson, Courthouse Maintenance Superintendent.

“I sure hope we can get it done,” said Martin of the short time frame. “Nothing has gone the way we thought it would.”