The Pryor Times

December 17, 2013

Chouteau workers receive bonuses

Each employee gets $100

Cydney Baron
Staff Reporter

CHOUTEAU — Chouteau Board of Trustees voted to give all city employees a Christmas bonus this year at the December meeting.

“I looked at our reports. I believe, right now, all our funds as far as personnel goes are below where they should be. I'd make a motion to give a $100 bonus for all full-time employees and $50 for part-time and volunteers,” said Mayor Jerry Floyd.

The estimated total expenditure would be between $4,000 and $4,350.

“I believe we're in good enough shape,” said Floyd.

Board member Brenda Cunningham asked the police and fire chief if they believed their department budgets could handle the bonuses.

“Well if you look at our budget in terms of percentages, yes,” said Police Chief Lynn Hershberger. “But does our revenue support our budget?”

“I'd say yes it does,” said Floyd.

“Unless something unexpected happens, percentage-wise we should be OK. I'd say most people deserve some sort of Christmas bonus. This is a big chunk coming out of the budget but it's not a lot for each employee,” said Fire Chief Ted Key.

The board voted to approve the motion, then entered into executive session to discuss an unrelated matter.

Upon returning to regular session a board member immediately requested returning to discussion of bonuses.

“I had Cherry [Dry] run a report of what this cost us last year. Based on her findings I'd make a motion to do $100 for all employees, full-time, part-time and volunteer,” said Cunningham.

The board approved the amended motion, all Chouteau town employees will receive a $100 Christmas bonus.