The Pryor Times

December 25, 2013

Salina adds paid holiday

Staff Writer
Susan Wagoner

PRYOR, OK — The Town of Salina approved Christmas bonuses and added a new paid holiday to next year’s calendar at the December meeting.

The board of trustees approved giving employees of both the town and the Public Works Authority a Christmas bonus of $100. They also approved an action that will add President’s Day as a paid holiday for employees beginning in 2014.

Trustees heard a monthly report from the fire department. After discussion, trustees decided to re-evaluate finances at the January meeting to determine whether or not the town can resume giving the department $850 per month.

The board suspended the payment to the fire department several months ago due to a budget shortfall.

In other business, trustees approved the waiver of building permit fees for upcoming improvements by Salina Public Schools. Permits will still be required, but fees will be waived.

Trustees approved an expenditure of $550.83 for the purchase of tires for a 2007 police cruiser. The tires will be purchased from Mike’s Tire.

In the PWA meeting, trustees approved payments in regard to the water line project, which is nearly complete. The contractor’s pay estimate was $70,873.60 and the engineering invoice was $11,576. The project will officially come to a close early next year.

Trustees approved an action that set a price for the installation of six-inch water taps. The larger taps are usually required for large sprinkler systems such as those used by the schools. A price of $6,200 was set for the installation of the taps, if they are requested in the future.

Finally, the board addressed cell phones used by public works authority employees. Currently, the phone plan includes four lines and an iPad at a cost of $360 to $380 per month. More lines are needed and are not included in the current plan.

Trustees voted to cancel the plan and allow employees to use their personal cell phones. Employees will receive a $75 per month phone allowance to assist with the cost. Phone plans must include a data plan as the PWA work order system requires it.

Those with no cell phone or phones with interrupted service will lose the phone allowance and a phone will be provided by the town.