The Pryor Times

December 24, 2013

Let it sew, let it sew, let it sew

Staff Writer
Susan Wagoner

PRYOR, OK — Susan Wagoner

Staff Writer

Justin Kirk is an ordinary 10-year-old.

The youngest child of Mike and Andrea Kirk, Justin plays center for the Locust Grove fifth grade football team and shows livestock at the county fair. He’s in the school play and in his second year of 4-H in Chouteau where he learned to sew. And he’s pretty good at it.

“He’s won several blue ribbons for sewing pillowcases at the county fair,” mom said.

Several weeks ago, the two were discussing the holiday season and kids who are less fortunate.

“We talked about the fact that some kids don’t even have beds of their own,” mom said. “Justin said he felt like every kid should at least have their own pillow.”

So Justin got to work. His goal was to sew a pillowcase for every kid enrolled in a nearby elementary school.

“They might not have their own pillow, and I wanted to make sure they did,” Justin said.

Using some of the money he made at the premium sale at the fair, he purchased items he needed to get him started. It didn’t take long before he began receiving donations of fabric and money to help him along.

With his grandmother’s help, Justin has spent the last month cutting patterns and sewing 150 pillowcases. Halfway into the project, he decided to go one step further and began getting pillows to put in every pillowcase.

“His church and several businesses have stepped up to help him,” mom said. “The community has really supported him in this effort.”

On Wednesday, Dec. 18, Justin delivered the pillow-stuffed pillowcases to the school. Though the principal was in on the secret, the pillows were a surprise to the kids.

Justin’s mom said it’s no surprise to her that he wanted to get involved in such a project.

“It’s just who he is. He just has that kind of heart,” she said. “He has always been kind, tenderhearted and commpassionate. We are very blessed to be his parents.”

Justin said he may give his fingers a rest for a little bit now that his goal has been reached.

He said he’s not taking orders to sew anything else for the moment. After 150 pillowcases, maybe he can sleep on the idea.