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April 30, 2014

Pryor DuPont celebrates 400 safe days

PRYOR, OK — Last weekend. DuPont hosted its safety and health education day at the MidAmerica Expo Center.

Shelly Stott, and members of the plant’s safety committees, have worked diligently for months to secure vendors and participants.

Vendors included Pryor Fire Department and Life Flight which each answered questions and allowed visitors an up-close look at their vehicle. Mayes County Sheriff’s Office was on-site giving drunk driving simulations, while Oklahoma Highway Patrol gave a demonstration on rollover wrecks. Grand River Dam Authority gave demonstrations on boating safety and electrical safety. Other vendors included the Mayes County Health Department, American red Cross, Dick Faurot from KOTV, Oklahoma State University Extension, Well-Armed Woman and Mayes County Neighborhood Watch. Other demonstrations were given on fall protection, hunter safety, healthy eating and agriculture/farm equipment safety.

“We have safety programs every 100 days, where employees are rewarded with a dinner. We have about three dinners a year, which we serve in about four shifts to accommodate employees working every shift,” said Stott. “Right now we are at about day 400 with no incidents or accidents.”

In addition to the recognition dinners, another plant safety initiative rewards employees with a $30 gift card, free T-shirt or jacket for completing other safety education tasks.

“We do on-site and off-the-site safety education. We have a committee called Taking Safety Home, that focuses on off-the-job safety,” said Stott. “I’ve been working for DuPont for 33 years and I’ve really seen how these safety initiatives have improved things, they make a big difference.”

Stott said employees have a lot to say about safety matters, and DuPont gives them a place to say it. Employees and contractors are encouraged to join safety committees and participate in safety education.

“There’s a division of DuPont that deals with sustainable solutions, they go in and help organizations with their safety culture. They did that with the city of Tulsa,” said DuPont Regional Public Affairs Manger Aaron Woods. “So the city of Tulsa is now incorporating a lot of the tools that DuPont uses, like starting every meeting with a core value to make sure it’s a part of every day thinking. The city has reduced their injury rate.”

Aaron said the city has even started a near-miss program, following DuPont’s lead.

“In the near-miss program, even though something didn’t happen it is still documented so that we can learn from it,” said Aaron.

In fact, the city of Tulsa has reported their worker injuries are at a six-year low under DuPont’s guidance. DuPont Sustainable Solutions found that Tulsa averaged 21 reportable injuries per 100 employees prior to embracing DuPont’s safety paradigm.

“The safety initiatives are just part of what employees love about DuPont. The accident/incident rate is very low, and so is the employee turnover rate,” said Stott. “They really listen to employees, so when people start working at DuPont they are going there to stay.”

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