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October 13, 2012

Gestational diabetes threatens the health of pregnant mothers and infants


4. Counsel women on the benefits of breastfeeding for obesity prevention.

5. Adopt a Gestational Diabetes Screening Protocol for routine gestational diabetes screening at the first prenatal visit, the 24 to 28 weeks visit, postpartum visit, and women’s annual health visit. Recommended protocols are from the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the American Diabetes Association.

6. Adopt the Institute of Medicine’s weight gain for pregnancy as protocol and assess weight gain at each prenatal visit. Women whose weight gain exceeds the medical standard should be counseled on appropriate weight gain and encouraged to sign a contract for behavioral changes including caloric balance, cardiovascular physical fitness, and stress reduction.

Survey data are part of the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System, a surveillance system administered by the Oklahoma State Department of Health to monitor behaviors of women before, during and after pregnancy. On a monthly basis, PRAMS surveys between 200 and 250 mothers in Oklahoma. To read the entire PRAMS study, visit:

For information about having a healthy baby, visit the “Preparing for a Lifetime, It’s Everyone’s Responsibility” website at:

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