The Pryor Times


March 1, 2013

Okie receives national award


Bunn never went hunting with the males in her family while growing up. In fact, she just recently took up hunting, harvesting two does with a crossbow this season.  Bunn said, ”The first woman in the outdoors for me was my mother and her influence on me has brought about my passion for conservation and getting women involved in the great outdoors.”  That is why I do a woman’s event because of the influence that women have on their kids.  In this day of modern households where there are so many single mothers, the need for getting the mom’s involved is so important.   We live in a society where kids don’t go outside much at all and even fewer get involved in fishing, hunting, or hiking.  We need to make these things a priority or we are going to lose many of our outdoor traditions.

Bunn is looking forward to her first wild turkey hunt in a few months. Then it will be her turn for a thrilling first experience.

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