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October 5, 2013

TOPS welcomes guest

PRYOR, OK — Taking Off Pounds Sensibly, Pryor Ok Chapter 142, recognized a special guest at their meeting Thursday. Janet Dawson, the Mayes County Home Economist/County Educator spoke to the weight loss group about different ways to modify recipes to suit their new healthy lifestyles.

She discussed recipe substitutions and exchanges to adapt traditional recipes for a lower-calorie, lower-fat, lower-sugar diet.

“What are some ways to reduce fat?” Dawson began. “In most recipes applesauce can be used instead of butter.”

She suggested switching to low fat or fat free yogurt and mayonnaise in most recipes.

“Choose tuna packed in water versus tuna packed in oil. Choose leaner meats like ground turkey versus ground beef,” said Dawson.

She told the group that one egg can be substituted for two egg whites. Limit using condensed soups and processed meats.

“Instead of frying food, bake, roast or broil it,” said Dawson, advocating healthier cooking alternatives.

To reduce sodium she said to cut the amount of salt a recipe calls for by half.

“Play with your food,” she said. “Find different lower-sodium seasonings to replace salt. Be creative and find new flavors you like.”

In most recipes the amount of sugar called for can be reduced by one third before the taste suffers, Dawson said.

“Look for canned fruit packed in natural juices or water. For dessert choose seasonal fruit rather than baked goods,” she said.

Another key element to weight loss and a healthier diet is to increase fiber which Dawson said can be done with some simple steps.

“Switch to whole wheat flour, its a higher fiber alternative,” she said. “Try cutting the meat used in a meal in half and substituting beans.”

When it comes to produce another way to increase fiber is to leave the skin on, particularly in potatoes and apples.

Often simply cutting out some ingredients can make a huge difference, she said.

When eating a sweet treat, leave off the whipped cream for a quick way to cut calories and sugar.

“Watch your condiments, try switching from mayonnaise to mustard to save calories. Try ordering food without cheese, or with wheat pasta instead of regular pasta,” she said.

For other tips she told the group to drink plenty of water before and during a meal to feel fuller. She also said to eat slower, putting silverware down and taking a drink every few bites.

TOPS said these tips are crucial for the 'sensibly' part of their name. They said weight loss is about making sustainable lifestyle changes. The group’s president Karen Jackson said the information goes hand in hand with TOPS’ exchange system which provides a guide for healthy food substitutions.

The group meets every Thursday night at First Freewill Baptist Church in Pryor from 5 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. For more information about the group contact Karen at 918-825-0631.


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