The Pryor Times

March 18, 2014

Chouteau to vote on sales tax increase

Staff Writer
Cydney Baron

PRYOR, OK — At the Chouteau town council meeting March 10, the board approved taking the possibility of a sales tax increase to the public in a special election.

The agenda called for, “Discussion and possible action on Ordinance 2014-1 calling for the levy and assessment of an additional one-half percent sales tax, in addition to the municipal sales tax currently levied, for the general operation of the town and providing for the administration of said tax pursuant to the Oklahoma Sales Tax Code.”

The board approved the item with no additional discussion.

The agenda item was followed by a request to declare the item an emergency, which the board did.

The question will be placed on a ballot for a special election June 24.

If voters approve the increase, it will be the first sales tax increase Chouteau has seen in 14 years.

The concept was originally discussed at an October council meeting.

At that time, Mayor Jerry Floyd said the sales tax increase is a source of revenue the town desperately needs.

“Yeah, we probably will be the highest in the county, but it’s something we need,” Floyd said at the October meeting. “We’re just barely holding our heads above water. Prices have gone up and we’re still operating like we did 20 years ago.”

Chouteau’s current sales tax rate is 9.875 percent. If the increase is approved, the town will have the highest sales tax rate in the county, and the only one over 10 percent.