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April 26, 2014

Lang writes Hope’s sequel

PRYOR, OK — Hope dealer Lance Lang is at it again.

Last year saw the release of Pryor native, Lance Lang's first book, “Hope is Alive.” Less than one year later Lang has released his second book, “Hope Changes Everything.”

“I was completely unprepared for the impact that Hope is Alive made on people. The freedom and hope people have experienced through the book really blew me away, so I felt a strong calling to continue to try to develop my message further in order to help more people out of the darkness and into the light,” said Lang.”I also had more of my personal story to tell, and God had breathed a passion inside of me to talk about some of the pain of my past that I had never exposed before. I thought, If I could be even more vulnerable and more honest about my past then just maybe I could enable others to take that same step towards freedom.”

The books recount Lang's jour

ney from small-town preachers son, to addict turned sober, turned leader of a hope revolution. Lang is currently the executive director of Hope is Alive, a non-profit organization devoted to supporting men and women recovering from all types of addiction.

The overall message of the newest book, released April 24, is “claim your pain, rescue your dreams.”

Lang talks about the presence of pain in every day life and what to do with that pain.

“Unfortunately, life is not a choose-your-own adventure book. When the thorn of disappointment, abuse, or manipulation pricks our skin, we don't have the option to flip back a few pages and choose a different outcome. We don't have the privilege of changing the pain of the past,” Lang writes, adding that “Pain changes everything about you.”

Lang said it is hard to imagine his life without the pain he's experienced.

“Wow, it's really hard to imagine that world. My past, my pain, my trials, my failures, all of those circumstances have been worked and woven together so perfectly by God to make me who I am today. It's scary to think who I would be,” said Lang. “Because I am a better person today because of my pain. Ultimately, though, it's a dead-end road to look back and think, 'what if?' If I hadn't had the pain that I write about, I would have had some other pain to write about. Pain is unavoidable, which is why hope to get past it is so crucial.

“Pain is everywhere, because sin is everywhere. But take heart: hope is everywhere as well,” Lang writes.

 Even now, getting clean himself and helping so many through recovery through his ministry and his writing, Lang is continuing to hope and dream.

“My hopes are that God would continue to use our ministry and my books as a catalyst of hope and freedom. That we would inspire people to take the steps they need to find release from the chains of their past. And that through this, a movement of openness, brokenness, and vulnerability would catch fire throughout our state and our nation and that people's lives would be changed,” said Lang.

Lang said that hope and dreams go hand in hand.

“For recovering addicts like me, we must come to accept that we will always be in recovery. But I think for most of the men and women I work with, it's hard for them to dream because drugs and alcohol are all they've ever known,” said Lang. “But I personally believe that dreams are an incredible motivator. Understanding and believing that God does have an amazing future in store for you and chasing after the things that make you happy and that you are naturally gifted at helps you to begin to make the critical transition from just surviving to truly recovering the life God always intended for you to live.”

“Everyone deserves to rescue the dreams that slipped out of their grasp and claim the life they've always desired,” Lang said, and his book  includes the steps to do just that.

His first book described him as a hope-dealer, a role he takes to a new level in this second book.

“You are not the sum of your mistakes, your poor choices, and all the suffering you've endured at the hands of others. No, you're much, much more than that. You've been extended a hand of forgiveness and redemption! You've been made new,” Lang writes.

Lang is focusing his energy now, after the release of “Hope Changes Everything”, on his non-profit organization, Hope is Alive Ministries. He is returning home to Pryor for a book signing event May 3 and Pryor's Book Exchange.

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